Comic Book Review: World of Animosity #1

Imagine living in a world where animals suddenly develop intelligence that rivals humans. Earth is now full of sentient creatures competing for our place of power. But there’s also a twist, the animals remember the manner in which they were treated. This is the World of Animosity. In a world where the pet you treated well remembers and cares for you. Or where you pet remembers the abuse and makes you pay dearly for it. In Animosity, we witness a story about Sanor, a purebred Bloodhound, and his quest to protect Jesse Hernadez. His human girl. The girl he loves as if she were his daughter. Sandor takes Jesse on a journey to San Francisco because of his impending demise.

This is a version of the Hero’s Journey in where there is an adventure, a crisis, and victory. But in this form of the Journey, the hero doesn’t come home or is expected to make it to the final destination. This sense of impending doom is one of the main themes of the story.

World of Animosity

Marguerite Bennett’s story is pretty solid and reminds me of an animal version of Maximum Overdrive. Artist Rafael de Latorre created the visual world we get to see. The World of Animosity does a good job at giving you a picture of what’s going on without going into deep detail. In this way, you’re left with a desire to pick up the individual issues and read yourself. One thing that I personally enjoyed was the painstaking amount of detail related to who is in control of parts of the former United States. There is even some information on international matters and who is ruling where.  There’s a brief explanation about each state after the animals “woke up.”

As you read the World of Animosity you get a grasp of the huge world all around the characters. The world building does a great job of complementing the story and the Journey itself.

While the story is pretty far fetched in some respects, it’s what I would expect in a comic that is looking to bring you into a fantastic world.

The Verdict

If you’re looking for a primer for the Animosity comic series, the World of Animosity is where I would start. You get enough detail about what’s going on in the story without giving away critical details that you’d want to read yourself in the ongoing series. Marguerite Bennett’s version of a Hero’s Journey is on strong display in this primer. Rafael de Latorre gives you the visuals that help to immerse you into a world of sentient animals. World of Animosity is a competing world, one I would recommend.

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