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It looks like Greg Capullo is already making plans for his follow-up to Dark Nights: Metal. Recently, the blockbuster artist teased fans with an incredible take on Swamp Thing. Now, it would seems he’s teasing more than just a glimpse at his take on this legendary lumber.

The Avatar of the Green has already played a small part in Capullo’s latest collaboration with DC darling Scott Snyder. When he began working on Dark Nights: Metal the famed artist teased fans with images posted on Twitter and Instagram. Recently, he responded to a Twitter follower asking about his next framing choice. Capullo’s response was exciting, to say the least.

Well, what do we have here? This is a little more than just a rumor. It would seem Capullo is outright confirming work on a series featuring Swamp Thing and the Green he protects. This is incredible news. Capullo’s success is well deserved. One of the best artists working today, Capullo is the only series artist to survive the entirety of The New 52. 

Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo are more than just an incredible creative team. They’re brothers in arms, having taken their Batman through hell and back to create one of the best series in modern comics. While both were successful before their take on the Dark Knight, together they became legends in the industry.

So who’s along for the ride?

A few questions come to mind about this possible series. The first of which regards just who could be writing this series. The most recent series was written by the legendary, Len Wein, who sadly passed away on September 10th. Before that, the character had an incredible New 52 series written by Marvel Mind Charles Soule and…Scott Snyder.

It should come as no surprise that Scott Snyder began the New 52 Swamp Thing. His work on American Vampire and Detective Comics had horror sensibilities. While Soule’s rendition would be a more existential, spiritual take on the Swamp Thing, Snyder established the character’s modern foundation. It’s possible Snyder is the writer for said series.

However, the ultimately disappointing news is that neither Snyder or Capullo is likely to ever return to a longstanding series. They’re the two biggest names in comics at the moment. Any project or idea they have is likely to be produced, making it unlikely they’ll return to a series without an end in sight.

In fact, Capullo seemed to be hinting about that on Twitter as well.

The image alone makes the length of the would-be series a certainty. We may not get much of Capullo’s Swamp Thing, but the idea of more than enough to make anyone green with anticipation.

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