Frank Miller took the stage at Baltimore Comic Con on Friday night following an exclusive fan signing. Joining him on the panel was DC Comics co-publisher Dan DiDio and Klaus Janson.

About midway through the panel, Frank revealed the book was supposed to originally end with Batman’s death in Dark Knight Returns.

If you remember, Batman fakes his death in order to fool Superman. He goes so far as to even flat line his own heart.

Batman Flat Lines Dark Knight Returns

Lucky for us Frank changed his mind and did not have Batman die at the end of Dark Knight Returns.

Along with revealing his original ending of Dark Knight Returns, Frank also revealed that Batman: Year One, All-Star Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder, and the Dark Knight trilogy are all connected. Frank specifically stated, “I see them all as the same character.”

He then went on to explain that Batman: Year One features a young more cerebral Batman who is excited about being a detective. All Star Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder shows “Batman at his peak physical abilities, but on an emotional berserker course.” Frank then almost put Dan DiDio in shock when he said, “In between All Star and Dark Knight Returns is the entirety of Batman written by everyone else.”

Frank then teased more Batman stories following up on Dark Knight III: The Master Race. He noted every story tends to bring new ones. But he did add, “It has to be new, but an extension of what came before.” He then elaborated on the nature of Batman as a character. “You look at Batman, he’s just like Superman. He can be interpreted in any way … It’s different permutations of a character that’s so iconic.”

And if anyone doubts Frank can’t put out more stories, he emphatically stated, “I’m not dead yet.”

Batman Dies Dark Knight Returns

And if that wasn’t enough Frank Miller is already working on a new story although it’s not Batman. As we previously covered, Frank is working on Superman: Year One. Frank didn’t give any details, but he did describe what he hopes to accomplish with the story. “It will be one you can pick-up if you haven’t heard about him.” He then elaborated there will also be something new for readers who are extremely familiar with the character. He specifically wants to “streamline mythology and explain what needs to explain. Bring back the essential myth and joy.” He wants to show that Superman is cool and explain why. His main motivation for doing so, Superman was the first character he fell in love with.

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