Can You Find All the Changes in this Classic Julie Newmar Catwoman Photo?

Julie Newmar’s Catwoman is about to go on her biggest heist yet! However, before she can set off she’s going to have to discover who robbed her first!

Could Robin, the Boy Wonder, have pulled a prank on the cat thief attempting to teach her a lesson or could Bruce Wayne have collected her things in an attempt to lure her back to the Bat Cave?

Either way Catwoman needs your help to recover all her belongings so she can really score big on her next heist.

Can you find all five differences in the two images below? Catwoman needs your help!

Find the five differences and help Catwoman!

Julie Newmar Catwoman

Can’t find them all? Don’t worry Batman is here to help you out. He recovered all of Catwoman’s belongings. However, he did add a stipulation that she wouldn’t be able to rob any more. I wonder how long that will last?

Julie Newmar Catwoman

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