Marvel’s Inhumans Releases Brand New Trailer

It’s been a rough week for Marvel’s Inhumans, but a new TV trailer just dropped!

The trailer showcases a ton of new footage for the upcoming series that tries to display the show’s strength. Many Marvel fans have already seen the IMAX version of the first two episodes. So this trailer seems to be more geared towards new viewers while trying to generate some hype.


The trailer opens up with Crystal and Lockjaw in what seems to be happy times with Lockjaw basically galloping up to her. Next, we pan into the moon as the Terrigeneisis Ritual is underway. Then, Maximus’s rebellion happens. We see each of the main characters attempt to escape from Attilan. Some succeed while others fail.

Earth is the destination for those escaping the coup d’etat. Blackbolt with help from Lockjaw makes it to Earth where it becomes obvious he’s a fish out of water.

Medusa’s hair fighting is front in center in this trailer, though I’m not sure how you could make it look better. It still doesn’t look good to me. For those who didn’t see the IMAX viewing are sure to be shocked by what happens to Medusa. She’s shaved bald and visibility distraught, I would think being cut off from your powers in that manner would be tantamount to losing a limb.

The trailer looks like something that should be put on television it just looks better than what was expected to be put in IMAX. I believe that was one of the major complaints from critics. You could tell which scenes were done with IMAX in mind, and which were not. It creates a sharp contrast in quailty throughout the two episodes.

The trailer overall is well done, and honestly, if they started with something like this I would have been more apt to be excited about this show coming out.

Now I ask you, can this trailer do what IMAX wasn’t able to? Will it be able to save the Inhumans show?

Let me know in the comments below!


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