In our third installment of our interview with Valiant Entertainment CEO Dinesh Shamdasani, we asked him about the rumors concerning Jared Leto and his potential role as Bloodshot in an upcoming Bloodshot film.


Dinesh did tell us that “nothing is official yet.” However, he did mention “it is in the works. We have to figure out scheduling.”

He did mention some of the difficulties to bringing on a huge star like Jared Leto. “scheduling is always the most difficult thing. He’s a very popular actor and a rock star. He’s got a full touring schedule as well. We have to figure that out.”

Dinesh was definitely excited about the project of bringing Leto on board to the project. He praised Leto’s acting talents, “He’s an actor’s actor. An incredible actor.” He then went on to compare him to some of the best actor’s we’ve seen take on comic book characters like Heath Ledger’s Joker and Michael Keaton’s Batman.

“You can imagine him really becoming this character the same way Heath Ledger became the Joker; the same way Michael Keaton became the Batman.”

What do you think? Do you want to see Jared Leto take on the role of Bloodshot?

What stories do you think they should look at influencing the movie? You’d think it would have to be an origin story to start? But I’d love to see the first arc of Bloodshot Reborn when he meets Magic and has to hunt down the nanites that are affecting normal people. That was one of the best comic book stories I’ve ever read. They could maybe do an opening scroll like Star Wars giving us a brief overview of Bloodshot and then jump right into the Bloodshot Reborn story!