Star Wars: The Last Jedi director had a huge night last night with Lucasfilm and Disney debuting their latest trailer for the next installment in the Star Wars franchise. However, Rian Johnson also had some fun trolling a major news publication.

Vanity Fair tried to play coy with Star Wars fans tweeting, “Good luck getting Kathleen Kennedy & Rian Johnson to explain what The Last Jedi means. We tried – here’s what they said.”

Rian Johnson was quick to respond, “It’s Luke.”

Johnson made it pretty clear to Vanity Fair in their piece it was Luke. It doesn’t take too much to read between the lines when Johnson told them, “One would think, let’s say this, that at the end of Episode VII it refers to Luke, because of the notion that this religion has died out and he is the last of them.” This is after Johnson told them the title is singular, “I heard that in the foreign translations for the title, they made it plural. In my head, it’s singular. It makes sense with the story, to me, that it’s singular.”

What makes the Vanity Fair piece so cringeworthy is they asked if The Last Jedi referred to Luke or Rey. I don’t even understand how this could be a question. Rey is not a Jedi. This is explicit in The Force Awakens. She is force sensitive, but has absolutely no training and little to no knowledge about the Jedi or what their order believes and practices. How in the world could they think she would be a Jedi?

Good on Rian Johnson for having a little fun with them!

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