A Heartfelt Apology

In 2011, Justice League’s Jason Momoa was a very different star. He was featured on a brand new series entitled, Game of Thrones. In it, he played a barbarian warlord named Khal Drogo, the head of a large and ruthless army. Though he would eventually become more likable through the eyes of Daenerys, Drogo began as a source of fear. He purchased Daenerys Targaryen from her brother Viserys and raped her on their wedding night.

In 2011, when speaking to San Diego Comic Con’s famous Hall H, Momoa commented on his work on the fantasy series. He jokes, “I love that there’s so many things you can do, like rip someone’s tongue out of their throat and get away with it and rape beautiful women.”

Therein lies the problem. With the recent atrocities coming to light in Hollywood, old quotes are suddenly becoming relevant. Momoa’s fellow Justice League co-star Ben Affleck is facing more troubling allegations and issues. Momoa’s joke is certainly out of line for such a venue and audience.

Yesterday, he took to Instagram to apologize for his comments.

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Where do we go from here?

Jason Momoa is both a Father and a Husband. Anyone who follows him on social media knows he constantly praises his family and co-stars, both male and female. His presence on any platform is nothing but encouraging and positive. But he is human. The comments from his first visit to Hall H are 6 years old now. He’s undoubtedly more mature than his younger self, but that doesn’t excuse what was said.

Momoa’s Game of Thrones character is guilty of fictional rape and murder. The direction of Momoa’s joke should be taken into account. He wasn’t joking about a fellow actor getting raped by him, he was joking about his character raping and murdering other characters. The problem is while Momoa knows this type of joke is acceptable to his friends it may not be to the countless fans who heard it.

A joke that can make hundreds of people laugh can leave a few feeling disgusted. The feeling hearing that word can bring is unimaginable to those who’ve experienced it. Then follow that up with the laughter of hundreds, if not thousands of people who are exactly like you. It was a simple joke but one that can bring horrors to mind for people who deserve nothing more than peace of mind.

Time for Healing

That which isolates one, can isolate many. The words and actions of Hollywood’s sleaze are echoing through our entire society. The fact these horrendous actions are coming to light is giving a confident voice to victims who thought they had none. It’s an encouraging thought that this could bring about change in an incredibly notorious system. The worst horrors committed here are the worst horrors committed anywhere. Those guilty of them are just as worthy of imprisonment as those outside of Hollywood. The same can be said for those who are innocent.

If a friend makes a joke that’s unacceptable or upsetting, we speak up. Like any good friend, they apologize with a mix of guilt and embarrassment. If it’s sincere we forgive and move on. Jason Momoa seems genuinely sorry for his rude comments made in front of a large audience.

Though the joke and its’ subject were both fiction, the emotions and events they brought to the minds of many were not.