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This Fall’s Justice League has had one of the most interesting productions in Hollywood history. It’s faced massive re-shoots, multiple writers, multiple directors and lackluster predecessors. What isn’t known is whether or not the film will be worth it, but excitement is on the rise. Every trailer has done a wonderful job of making the film look like a great blend of exciting fights and superhero drama.

Unsurprisingly, like most Zack Snyder films Justice League is filled with symbolic imagery and visceral action. WB is fighting the DCEU’s dour and dark tones by showing us a brighter side of this blockbuster. Therefore, they’ve placed comedy and optimism at the forefront. The most recent glimpse is a doozy.

Warner Bros. latest trailer is set to a cover of David Bowie’s “Heroes.” And our heroes are in their most dire and desperate situation yet. To see how they fare we’ll have to wait until November 17th. Until then, there are a few things to notice about this trailer.

1. The Return of Superman

The trailer begins with a shy Lois Lane walking out to a newly grown corn field. Amidst the plants is a tall man in a simple, plaid shirt. Lois walks closer to find her Clark Kent, her Superman. Before she’s ripped back to the morning, she has a touching moment that is, itself, more emotional than all of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

2. Parademons battle Amazonians!

The fiercest warriors on Earth will face off against the fearsome looking Parademons. The Amazonians possess a Motherbox, and are thus the target of Steppenwolf and his army for some portion of the film. However, these are warriors they’re facing. They won’t give it up that easily.

3. Heroes will start to enjoy being Heroes

It’s no secret that Wonder Woman is the only superhero in the DCEU to have actually enjoyed being herself. From Superman’s identity crisis to Batman’s inner demons, the heroes have been plagued by the darkness required by their film studio. From the get go it appears this film will change things. This film is going to make this team and their world celebrate the fact that they came together.

4. Batman’s Tactical Suit will appear towards the end of the film

Marketing for Justice League has been very kind to Bruce Wayne and Batman. He’s clearly the star of the film. Because of this, his newest suit has been at the forefront of every advertisement and commercial. However, the suit will likely be saved for the end of the film. He’s shown driving the Batmobile through a heavily corrupted Earth, and does so in the latest suit. But we know from the “tunnel/pit” sequence that he also graces the stage with his original black and grey. It’s safe to assume then that the goggled, armored Tactical suit will be kept for the final act.

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