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Kevin Smith has been a comic book fan favorite for years. Now, with the Harvey Weinstein  Scandal in full steam, the director was faced with a major dilemma.

Since his debut with Clerks in 1994, Kevin Smith worked with producer Harvey Weinstein. That relationship lasted over a decade and included other films such as Dogma, Mallrats, and Zack and Miri Make a Porno.

The director took to Twitter to talk about what it meant to have the first phase of his career tied to Harvey Weinstein.

With more reports of actresses coming forward to discuss the abuse, they suffered under the producer. Though some have fought back on behalf of other females, such as Carrie Fisher, the issue of sexual abuse has long hung over the head of Hollywood for decades.

Smith stated on his podcast, Hollywood Babble-On, that he will be donating the residuals from his Weinstein-backed movies to a non-profit Woman in Film. He stated he would donate $2,000 a month for the rest of his life. This non-profit advances the abilities of women in the film industry. The discussion on Harvey Weinstein starts around 1:25:00 mark.

In Kevin’s own words:

My entire career is tied up with the man. It’s been a weird f****** week. I just wanted to make some fucking movies, that’s it. That’s why I came, that’s why I made Clerks.

It’s got to be a hard situation to find yourself in when the first major backer you got in the industry turns out to be a major abuser of women. But Kevin is taking it to heart that his success is in many ways tied to such a person.

No f****** movie is worth all this. Like, my entire career, f*** it, take it. It’s wrapped up in something really f****** horrible. I’m not looking for sympathy. I know it’s not my fault, but I didn’t f****** help. I sat out there talking about this man like he was a hero, like he was my friend, like he was my father and s*** like that, and he changed my f****** life. And I showed other people, like, ‘You can dream, and you can make stuff, and this man will put it out.’ I was singing praises of somebody that I didn’t f****** know.”

In a lot of ways, we are our own worst critics, and Kevin Smith is no exception to this. With even more whispers and controversies surrounding those in positions of power in tinsel town, it’s doubtful that this fire will die down anytime soon. Let us know what you think. Did Kevin Smith do the right thing, and should others follow suit? Also, what do you think it will  take to fully clean house in Hollywood?

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