Suicide Squad was a bit of a mess. David Ayer’s famous 6-week-script didn’t tread water and instead created a bloated, bombastic and ridiculous “supervillain” film. However, Ayer is fully aware of that. The writer/director responsible for Fury, End of Watch and the upcoming Bright has been very vocal about his own displeasure with his most recent film, even taking to Twitter to deliver this apology.

It takes a certain amount of humility to admit when something is wrong. To do so on such a public forum and about a film of such a large scale takes a lot of courage and modesty. Kudos to Ayer for admitting what could have been better. This is reason enough to explain why Warner Broswould have the Suicide Squad director back for the pseudo-sequel, Gotham City Sirens

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

Now some casting rumors suggest David Ayer may have found his Catwoman. Baby Driver’s Eiza González was recently followed on Twitter by none other than Ayer himself. Not much of a clue, except when you take into account a couple of other notable followings. Both James Wan and Joe Manganiello were followed by DC stars or executives before being announced in their respective positions in the Universe. It’s unclear if Manganiello will get to live out everyone’s dreams for his depiction of Deathstroke, but he was at one point cast.

Rumors have recently placed the actress on the Warner Broslot, likely to discuss some future film. In fact, the 27-year-old actress recently cut her hair. There’s no mention of any part or role, but it seems to be a rather significant change.

A very recent change. Not a significant amount of hair gone, but perhaps enough to match more recent depictions of Selina. Later, Gonzalez posted a picture of her hair after its’ transformation is complete! Needless to say, she looks incredible. Her hair and alluring stare is a mix of Gal Gadot and Camren Bicondova.

?? @buddywporter

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Gonzalez certainly looks the part. In the picture, she tags a famous Beverly Hills hair stylist by the name of Buddy Porter. Buddy Porter is incredibly sought after, famous for making supermodels even more glamorous than they already are. Porter doesn’t share a lot of his celebrity clients. If he’s mentioned it’s because the artist mentioned him, not the other way around. But Porter did share Gonzalez’s photo on his Instagram page.

It had been several months since the last time the stylist had shared a celebrity’s photo. But who was that last celebrity?  Margot Robbie, DC Films’ Harley Quinn.

Just Purrrfect

Gonzalez would be a natural fit for the role. She and Margot Robbie are the same age. She’s young, but not too famous, perfect for a company looking to get a satisfying performance for an affordable price. A few minor connections here and there don’t always lead where you want them.

Eiza González is a beautiful actress who’s “in” right now. Porter would want to share her picture for the publicity; she’d want to visit an incredible hair stylist.

Baby Driver was critically lauded and was Edgar Wright’s most successful film in theaters. David Ayer likely saw it and enjoyed Gonzalez’s performance, leading to him following her on Twitter. Unfortunately, a few clues here and there just isn’t a casting announcement. But Warner Bros. would do well to listen to the occasional campaign or two. They just might find the right thief for the job.

Famous concept and casting-speculative artist Boss Logic cast his own ballot for Eiza González. It’s a simple design based on Selina’s usual suspects: whips, leather and goggles. It makes a good case for what could be a great role.

I love @eizagonzalez that's just me 😀

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