Tony had a rough time during Iron Man 3. An international terrorist threat, problems with his girlfriend and business partner Pepper, then to top it off, he wound up stranded in the middle of America without his Iron Man suit. Luckily for Tony, he had some help for a young kid, and it looks like he’ll be coming back.

According to a report from Internet Movie Data Base or IMDB, Harley Keener played by Ty Simpkins will be coming along for the ride that is Avengers 4. The sheer amount of actors on this project is huge, and it seems that Marvel Studios has a go big or go home attitude.  Check out the tweet from IMBD below!

Tony played an important role in Harley Keener’s life and vice versa. I remember at the end of Iron Man 3, Tony gave Harley his own set up with one heck of a wicked lab. I cannot wait to see what he has been cooking up over the last few years since we’ve seen him.

Why is Harley Coming Back?

But we have to ask ourselves, why are they bringing back Harley for Avengers 4? Could it have something to do with the proposal that Tony has been photographed giving Pepper? Or, could it come from a darker place? Could we see a now older Harley coming to pay his respects to a fallen Iron Man? We know that a funeral scene is in the making, and has been kept as secret as possible. Could we see Harley giving The Mechanic a personal send off?

Either of these two scenarios doesn’t seem far-fetched! But it could also be that I’m completely off base and when the film goes to theaters something else happens. Whatever the case might be I’m excited to see Ty Simpkins’s character make a return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His interactions with Tony Stark helped to develop a character that had until that point been viewed as a playboy. We got to see a glimpse of Tony Stark as a father figure. Something that was built even more with his relationship with Peter Parker.

So it is your turn! Tell us what do you think? Are my predictions off? Or do you have your own theory? Let us know in the comments below!

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