Okay, I’m a little behind on this recap. But I’m going to dive right in.

The season opens where last season ended, the Legends are in LA and there are freaking dinosaurs running around. It is their fault, they caused too many anachronisms completely screwing up time. I don’t knock them for this, I started watching this series thinking I would hate it, but their problems make for a good story. I’m pretty sure I’d screw up time if I had a time machine.

A Tyrannosaurus-Rex charges them but runs through a portal instead. Rip, having only left Sara a few minutes ago her time, is back. He created the Time Bureau to replace the lost Time Masters, and he’s been running it for five years. Rip tells the Legends they aren’t needed and disbands them on the spot.

In Star City six months later Sara is working at a type of Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Her boss doesn’t know who he’s messing with as he berates her. She, of course, imagines killing him in a spectacular fashion.

Ray is in Silicon Valley working on a dating app and getting shot down as he tries to better the world.

Nate is in Central City having his spotlight stolen by Kid Flash. It’s all very sad. These aren’t great heroes, the whole thing with them coming together was because them being missing wouldn’t affect the timeline, but they come to be our heroes. We expect them to screw up and then fix it. Their talents are being wasted and it is horrible. (Plus there’s no slapstick from Ray, so it’s not funny either.)

We get a peek that Amaya is gone as we see Nate go on a date.

Rory, one of the coolest characters, is on the beach in Aruba. He’s chilling out when Julius Caesar shows up talking about conquering the world. Even for Caesar, that’s not a winning battle and the next thing we see is Rory calling Sara.

Sara quits her job forcefully and meets Ray and Nate in Central City. They talk about Caesar and lament over their current lives and then head to Star City. They break into the Time Bureau and get caught. Ray tries to be the nice guy and gets taken to the cleaners. Rip steps in and saves them.

Nate confronts Rip about his part in taking Amaya back to 1942. Rip tells him it was her choice. Sara tells Rip about Caesar, but he doesn’t believe them, trusting his tech to let him know about anachronisms.

Rip gives them a tour of the Bureau and we see King Arthur again. Sara cuts to the chase and asks for the Waverider back. But that’s not going to happen since the ship is now a training simulator.

Back in Aruba Rory eats a Caesar salad and tells Julius it sucks. Caesar tells Rory his infamous pirate story. Rory isn’t impressed, Caesar uses Rory’s greed to get free and they fight. Caesar gets away and heads to a beach party.

Rip and the other Legends show up just as Rory attacks a fake Caesar. Rip zaps the fake and they return to the Bureau. Sara wants to help out, but Rip compares them to someone using a chainsaw for brain surgery.

The Legends steal the Waverider, with Rory knocking out a cadet that thinks it’s part of a training simulation. Gideon wants to help and sounds a bit too chipper for an AI. They time jump inside the building to escape, but can only go a few minutes into the future.

In Central City, Jefferson goes to Stein’s house to tell him he’s dropping out of school. Lily is there and she’s pregnant, Stein is going to be a grandpa! The Waverider appears in the sky and this time it’s Stein that doesn’t want to join the team. Jefferson finally talks him into helping and they all head to Aruba.

Caesar is trying to recruit some college kids and we find out that he’s speaking English due to a side effect of the time displacement. Ray and Gideon use the app Ray was working on to get the coeds away from Caesar. They capture Caesar and Rip appears as a hologram. He offers them amnesty and Sara thinks it would be the best thing for the group. But first, they have to fix the ship.

In the engine room, Jefferson and Stein talk about staying on the Waverider and being Firestorm. Sara goes to talk to Caesar and he proposes to her. I guess he wanted to create an alliance, Olde World style…

They take him to the front lines of Gaul and Sara hits him with the MIB tech. They drop him off, but not before he steals Nate’s history book. Gideon shows them everything that’s messed up, mainly Caesar has taken over the world. I’m happy that it isn’t Ray messing up since Nate has joined the team.

Rip shows up and wants the Time Bureau to take over the situation. The Bureau, including Agent Sharpe, get captured. Firestorm shows up, acting like he’s the Roman god Mars. Atom tries to steal the book but gets caught, scaring the crap out of a centurion. Steel knocks the soldier out and Nate and Ray share a bro-hug. Rory gets to knock out Caesar, again.

Sara tells Rip they are going to continue their quest. As the Legends are talking, we see Rory has stolen some Time Bureau tech and he’s staying on the team. We get a short scene of Rip arguing with Sharpe about the Legends and a new villain.

Stein decides to stay on the team, saying they are family to him as much as Lily. The last scene shifts to Amaya’s village in 1942 were she kills some poachers.

Legends started off campy and I didn’t think they could pull it off. I certainly didn’t think it would last this long, but I love this show. It’s got flair like the 60s Batman show and I can’t wait to see who the new villain is.