Logan director James Mangold confirmed he is currently dreaming up a Logan spin-off script with Dafne Keen’s X-23 as the main protagonist.

In an interview about the success of Logan with The Hollywood Reporter, Mangold confirmed the script is in the “dreaming” phase:

Patty’s success with that film only solidifies more for studios that there’s less to fear with a female protagonist. The more that keeps getting hit home, that ends up giving me more space turning around and going, ‘Well, here we are with a female protagonist. That’s incredible. And what are we going to do with her?’ And that’s where we are with that [the Laura script] right now, dreaming.

**Warning Clip has Strong Language**

Logan producer Hutch Parker added fuel to the fire:

Yes, there are other facets of that character and some others potentially to explore in their own way. It may not be in the same exact tonality or with the same genre orientations as Logan, but I think part of what has been opened up in this universe to all of us now is, drawing on different genre traditions, there are new pathways to be opened for new characters that populate this universe.

Fox definitely learned a whole lot with both Deadpool and Logan. They realized you don’t have to make a superhero movie in the vein of Avengers or the Marvel Cinematic Universe. You can make genre pieces like Logan, Deadpool, and the upcoming horror film New Mutants.

You can already see these lessons in The Gifted. While The Gifted centers around a cast of characters with mutant abilities, the story is focused on dealing with an oppressive government that is using its vast resources to hunt them down. The mutants and even non-mutants must work together in order to survive. The show might just have started, but you can already see the family dropping starting to develop. The show combines family drama with The Fugitive vibe. The mutant abilities are secondary to the drama of the show.

While Fox works on a Laura script, Hugh Jackman will not be part of the project.

“No, I won’t be a producer on a Laura sequel,” he says. “But I will be lining up on the Thursday night at 10 p.m. to watch it though. She is just phenomenal.”

Are you excited to see a Laura spin-off movie sans Jackman’s Wolverine?