What makes Eric Killmonger so dangerous? What makes him a primary nemesis for the Black Panther?

1. Intelligence

Erik Killmonger is a highly educated individual not unlike T’Challa himself.
T’Challa was educated in America, in Europe, in Asia. Well, Eric Killmonger was educated in America at the Massachusetts Institute
of Technology and spent a good deal of time inculcating himself into the organized crime of Harlem. So with a combination of street smarts and a knowledge of criminal empires coupled with a knowledge and capability with advanced technology this gives Killmonger the ability to battle T’Challa on his own level as an intellectual.

2. Physicallity

Eric Killmonger physically is a match for the Black Panther. While he might lack the Panther’s heart-shaped herb that gives him his enhanced physical characteristics Killmonger has chemically augmented his own body and trained deeply in the martial arts of Africa. He has spent time with some of the neighboring countries and the neighbouring warring cults against the Black Panther against the Panther totem. So Killmonger is in terms of physical abilities easily a match for T’Challa and when the two characters have clashed in the past it has been evident at just how hard to T’Challa has to fight in order to overcome his opponent.

3. Connections

Erik Killmonger has spent a good deal of time studying, learning, and inculcating himself into the cultures of the tribes and the countries surrounding Wakanda. He has a large number of allies. Some of these allies are religious leaders, political leaders, mercenaries soldiers of fortune, etc… So he has resources while the Panther may be king of the country, Erik Killmonger is more steeped into the criminal empires, the organized crime, the black market etc… So he has much to draw from to give him the wherewithal to give him the weapons and material that he needs to combat the Black Panther.

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