Logan was a cinematic masterpiece that tugged at everyone’s heartstrings, not just because of the fantastic, emotional story, but also because it was the last time Hugh Jackman would reprise his beloved role as Wolverine.

But with Disney reportedly on the fast track to buy out 20th Century Fox and thus acquire the film rights to the X-Men, people are starting to wonder who could possibly fill Jackman’s shoes.

However, pro wrestler, comic book fan, and Arrow guest star Cody Rhodes summed up the feelings of every Wolverine fan out there: Jackman – who first appeared as Wolverine way back in 2000’s X-Men – is irreplaceable.

But while Jackman will certainly be a hard act to follow, Wolverine fans need not fret. There are plenty alternative versions of Wolverine that Disney – if they do buy out 20th Century Fox – could choose to bring to life in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Just take your pick: there’s Ultimate Wolverine, who’s younger than the original; there’s Wolverine’s two sons, Daken from the main Marvel Universe and Jimmy Hudson from the Ultimate Universe; and of course there’s Wolverine’s clone, X-23, who had her onscreen debut in Logan and already has a spin-off in the works.

A Daken film would be highly interesting and could eventually lead to the epic confrontation and eventual partnership between him and X-23. It would be an interesting exploration of sibling rivalry. It could also explore the idea of how individual choices can lead to drastically different ways of interacting with the world and people around you.

But who knows – maybe some of that Disney money could lure Jackman to appear as Old Man Logan in the MCU?

Who do you think could possibly follow in the footsteps of Hugh Jackman to play Wolverine? Share your picks below!