Ezra Miller as The Flash in Justice League was a scene-stealing performance. There wasn’t much competition for those scenes, but they were easily his nonetheless. As it turns out a scene dedicated solely to The Flash ended up on the cutting room floor. That scene depicted Barry Allen saving Iris West, played by Kiersey Clemons. It doesn’t sound too important to the overall film. Which explains why audiences didn’t see it.

However, many fans will recognize this visual from the scene, seen in the Justice League trailer.

Barry breaking the glass is a striking and memorable visual. So memorable it was surprising that the effect didn’t make it into the final cut. However, a rough cut of the entire scene was recently leaked. The effects weren’t finished; there was no sound or dialogue. But it revealed Barry saving his one-and-only Iris West. And Iris was played be Kiersey Clemons.

Though the video had been leaked online, Warner Bros. has done their best to scrub it off the internet. Barry leaps into traffic to save Kiersey’s Iris from a massive pile-up. It was an exciting moment despite the scene remaining unfinished. Recently a Behind the Scenes video from Justice League had also appeared online. It featured Clemons in costume working on the scene. But that video is also becoming hard to find. So what gives? Well, according to Batman News Warner Bros. just might have a different Iris West in mind.

Go, Iris, Go

Shortly after Rick Famuyiwa was named director of The Flash film he cast his Iris West. As it turns out she would be played by one of the stars of his previous film Dope. Her name was Kiersey Clemons. She’s a fantastic actress, and not a typical leading lady for a Hollywood blockbuster. An inspired choice. Unfortunately, “creative differences” reared its ugly head once more and caused Famuyiwa to leave the film. Because of their close ties many thought Clemons would do the same. But she remained.

She was eventually announced as one of the cast members of Justice League. A lot of fans scoffed at the character’s presence in the film. Not because of Clemons, but because no one thought Justice League needed another character. That turned out to be true. But now rumors suggest that the scene is being finished, but with an entirely new Iris West in place of Clemons.

The news comes from comic website Batman Newswho included the detail with the video of Clemons preparing for the scene. As that video is no longer available, it lends credence to the possibility of Warner Bros. wanting another actress for the role.

It’s certainly unfortunate. DC Films and Warner Bros. have a lot of problems to fix with their film Universe, but Kiersey Clemons as Iris West was not one of them.

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