“They are hopeful, these heroes, and formidable, but there is something dark they do not know.”

It’s been over two months since the last installment in Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s latest DC story, Dark Knights: Metal. The story has infected the entire DC Universe. However, Dark Knights isn’t a cross-over that derails DC’s current series. Instead, this concept is essentially a stand-alone story. The evil god/macguffin villain Barbatos has loosed his Dark Multiverse forces onto the DC Multiverse. The Dark Knights are each a Batman of another world who used a different Justice League member’s power to destroy their own world.

Dark Nights: Metal #4

The tie-ins explaining these heroes have been phenomenal. A testament to how interesting the foundation of the story is that normally panned tie-ins are actually a fantastic read. That’s because the core idea of Dark Knights: Metal is awesome, wish-fulfilling entertainment.

Dark Nights: Metal #4  is no different. The story is building to an exciting conclusion, and yet is somehow increasing the tension for its starring heroes. Superman and Batman are on a mission. Guided by Daniel, Dream of the Endless, The Sandman. The situation is dire; the stakes are existence itself.

As a doomsday clock counts down the Earth’s demise Snyder and Capullo craft an incredible read with only a couple of bumps in the road.

“Impossible stories destined only to happen in dream, or nightmares.”

Scott Snyder’s Batman is a formidable, prepared, and somewhat paranoid hero. He takes precautions; he makes mistakes. Bruce Wayne isn’t a perfect human being, not entirely. The flaws that helped to make the greatest superhero in existence also made a rather…unusual human being. But he’s the kind of man who can spend 30 years lost in a world of terrors and horrors and still come out the other side. Still be the kind of hero to inspire countless others to rise up. To fight back against the evils created in the corners of the Dark Multiverse. 

Dark Nights: Metal #4

And so, this stories builds to DC’s two biggest heroes joining together and heading to the World Forge. The location of the only Metal capable of aiding the heroes in their fight against Barbatos and his Dark Knights. 

They’re impossible odds.

But our heroes have faced the impossible before. In the pages of Dark Nights: Metal #4, Bruce and Clark face a dark void with nothing but each other and a glimmer of hope. Unfortunately, the story progresses a bit too quickly. Some issues, with Sandman in particular, go unexplained or unanswered. The story may be a bit too convenient but it doesn’t stop the compelling and objectively awesome excitement of Dark Knights: Metal #4.

“It’s important that we make a good impression.”

Greg Capullo, Jonathon Glapion and FCO Plascencia are some of the best artists in the business. Capullo is one of the most popular pencillers around. Anything he’s touched in the last few years has been one of the most highest selling comics on any shelf. That’s because the quality of his work is remarkable. His characters are massive, muscle-bulging behemoths. They’re a perfect blend of a classic cartoon and a modern comic. Snyder and Capullo have been friends and partners for years. Because of that their amazing and captivating creations can seem effortless.

Dark Nights: Metal #4

Glapion and Plascencia are the perfect artists to help elevate Capullo’s work even further. Every comic panel is a wonder to enjoy. A splendor of remarkable color and detail. The team has partnered for many comics over the last few years. Considering the beauty contained in Dark Knights: Metal #4, fans can only hope the partnership continues for years and years.

The Verdict

The story for Dark Knights: Metal is building towards its exciting conclusion. A massive, epic story spanning the heart and fringes of the DC Universe. From its highest heights to its lowest depths the Dark Knights have plagued this Universe and its heroes. But their time is surely coming to an end. As the story comes to a close some elements often become a bit too coincidental; some obstacles becoming suddenly surmountable. Such issues are in danger of ruining a comic, but that’s not the case in Dark Knights: Metal #4. Those issues are nothing more than a blip on the radar compared to the awesomeness of Snyder and Greg Capullo’s latest comic book.

Batman and Superman are old, old friends. They’ve faced the end of the world before; they’ve faced the end of the Universe before. But they haven’t faced the nightmares concocted by Scott Snyder. The Batman Who Laughs leads Barbatos’ forces as they wreak havoc across the world. In another realm, our own Batman tries his best to find his way home so he can do something about it.

Comic Book Review: Dark Knights: Metal #4
The Score9.5
  • Exhilarating Action and Story
  • Snyder and Capullo Are A Perfect Team
  • Greg Capullo's Art is Unmissable!
  • Minor Plot Holes Starting to Emerge
9.5Overall Score
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