Star Wars: The Last Jedi: The Fate of Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing Revealed

Beware of MAJOR spoilers to Star Wars: The Last Jedi, ye who enter here

The X-Wing is one of the most iconic pieces of production design ever. Next to the Millennium Falcon it’s the ship seen most in the films. Especially as it sinks into the bog in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Recovering that ship is a task too difficult for Luke. Instead, Master Yoda pulls the ship from the depths of the swamp. Proving just how powerful he truly is.

But as it turns out, that wouldn’t be the last time Luke’s X-Wing would find itself submerged.

In Star Wars: The Last JediLuke Skywalker has cut himself off from the entire galaxy. The planet of Ahch-To is home to an ancient Jedi temple. Luke’s plan was to remain there for the rest of his life. He’s seen the immense destruction caused by Force-users and no longer intends on creating or training any more of them. But all things change. Rey didn’t get in the instruction she wanted, but she got the inspiration she needed. Not only that, but the Resistance got the time it needed to escape the clutches of the First Order.

All because Luke Skywalker Force-projected himself onto the planet Crait. It was the grandest display of the Force ever seen in a Star Wars film. But unfortunately, due to extreme power he used Luke Skywalker became one with the Force under a beautiful sunset. With his trusty X-Wing sunken in the not-so-distant sea.

A Relic of the Past

This shot, from a Star Wars: The Last Jedi playing card, is the only time Luke’s X-Wing is shown in the film. The ship is torn apart. Whether or not that was Luke’s doing is unclear. It could have been caused by an increasing tide; it could have been caused by the inhabitants of the island. But more likely than not this was at the hands of our favorite Jedi master. He never had any intention of leaving. A truly sad and lonely life that he’d surrendered to.

But what we don’t see in the film is that Luke actually uses pieces of X–wing to help build his shelter on Ahch-To. In Star Wars: The Last Jedi – The Visual Dictionary, Lucasfilm Story Group executive Pablo Hidalgo reveals Luke used parts of his X-wing to create a door for hit hut on Ahch-To.

The picture shows Luke’s hut on Ahch-To with the caption,”Door made from salvaged foil of Luke’s T-65 X-wing.”

Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Visual Dictinary

The Luke Skywalker seen in Star Wars: The Force Awakens is not someone who’s happy to see his legacy once again. When Rey extends her hand and offers him his father’s sword he does not greet her with a smile. Instead it’s a look of despair and exhaustion. Luke has saved the galaxy before. He didn’t seem so keen on doing it again.

But that was the point. He didn’t need to save the galaxy, despite what Rey thought. He simply needed to teach a powerful, young woman a little more about herself and the Force. To instill in her the idea that the galaxy didn’t really need Luke to save it. Rey was able to “move some rocks” herself with the Force and save her friends.

Luke Skywalker’s role in Star Wars: The Last Jedi has almost completely split fans and audiences. Like the X-Wing, at the beginning of the film Luke appears broken. But unlike the ship, by the end of the film Luke goes out for one last mission.

Using the Force for the sake of good, for the sake of his friends, one last time.

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