The insensitivity that can be found around certain corners of the internet is literally unbelievable. In fact, the internet has a notoriously awful reputation when it comes to content and users. But there have always been great examples to find. Websites, bloggers or eventually YouTube stars that became role models for people with everyday lives. With nothing more than a sharp personality or wit they charm their audience and keep them coming back.

But sometimes they reveal their true nature. Sometimes the joke goes too far, and the comedian is left surrounded by a group of disgusted faces. Such is the case with “artist” Logan Paul.

Paul recently took a trip to Tokyo that may have cost him his girlfriend and a large portion of his following.

Logan Paul

In Japan there’s a place referred to as “Suicide Forest.” The legendary location is said to be home to spirits and demons alike. But more than that, it’s unfortunately become commonplace for people to take their own lives there. When Paul and friends ventured into the forest just a few days ago that’s exactly what they found.

The crew happened upon the body of a suicide victim hanging in the forest. Of course, like any group of young and respectful adults they remained calm and proceeded to leave the area undisturbed before reporting it to the proper authorities.

If only.

Incredible Insensitivity

In reality, Paul and his friends recorded the body hanging in the forest as well as their reactions. Their reactions? Laughter. Like anyone starving for attention Paul then uploaded the video to his various accounts. Imagine being that person’s family, only to have your worst fears turned into some social media celebrity’s “video of the week.” That’s what Logan Paul has turned this entire situation into. He’s fanning the flames of controversy to do nothing more than further promote his career.

In his “apology,” Paul referenced the fact that he’s made at least one video a day for almost 2 years. Does he believe that makes him sort of expert? Or does he believe that allows him a screw-up every now and then? Probably a little bit of both. But what it really says about Logan Paul is that he should know better. That he should understand he is and was the role model to tons of kids and young adults who experience media in a brand new way.

Well, it would seem Paul is already facing some backlash from some actual artists as well as countless members of the public.

Not-so-quiet Uproar

Paul was rumored to have been dating Agents of Shield star Chloe Bennet. Well, now the two no longer follow each other on any platform. Bennet has also unfollowed every member of Paul’s family. But that isn’t the most notable rebuking the YouTube “star” is receiving. Some of today’s biggest artists have spoken out about the insensitivity of Paul’s actions and his own lack of character.

Game of Thrones’ Sophie Turner and Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul articulate their own thoughts on the situation.

Fellow Social Media star Grayson Dolan also came down hard on Paul.

Harsh words, indeed. But well-deserved in a situation like this. Social Media “stars” like Logan Paul are becoming just as important to the entertainment industry as TV and Film stars. They’re role models with millions of fans. Their actions, videos, and words reach millions of fans every week. Some artists are aware of this responsibility, take it seriously, and use their prominent voices to help the world. Some don’t.

Hopefully, Logan Paul’s fans will learn more from the consequences than from his actions.

If you are ever in need, please call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at: 1-800-784-2433 or 1-800-273-8255.