Batgirl is at the very beginnings of development and already there is major interest in the lead role. Lindsay Lohan recently started a campaign in an attempt to claim the lead role of Barbara Gordon in the upcoming Joss Whedon directed picture. She asked her fans to retweet her tweet and even directed them to tell director Joss Whedon she should become the next Batgirl.

Now she’s upping her game. She Tweeted out a photo of her and her likeness as Batgirl.

To be honest, that isn’t a bad photo. It hits a lot of the right notes for the look of Batgirl. The artwork itself is pretty stellar, and it shows that Lindsay Lohan is really pushing hard to get the role. Currently, the actors latest project The Shadow Within is in the post-production phase. It seems she should have plenty of time open for the role.

It’s not often you see actors go after superhero roles as strongly as we see Lohan going after the Batgirl role. But as of right now the movie is still in its infancy. With Joss Whedon in charge of Justice League reshoots, there was some hope we’d see a glimpse of her in the movie, but that wasn’t the case.

In an interview with Variety, Whedon said he didn’t have his eye on anyone to play Batgirl. However, I would imagine that a short list must be at the very least in the making.

Check out the video of him going into some detail about the film during the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 premiere.

It seems clear at that point Whedon was looking towards casting an unknown actress in the role.

Currently, there aren’t reports of a script or other casting news from the director. It’s possible Lohan is positioning herself as best she can to snag the coveted role. What do you think? Would Lohan make a good Barbra Gordon? Or should someone else take the role? Let us know in the comments below!

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