Spawn Creator Todd McFarlane Announces New Spawn Film Begins Casting!


Is everyone ready for some awesome news? Spawn creator Todd McFarlane announced they’ve begun casting for the upcoming Spawn film. You might remember, early last year ,Todd McFarlane announced that a new live-action Spawn movie was in the works. Not only that, but he promised a darker take on the character closer to the comic source. He did say R-Rated!

In an exclusive interview with, he’s giving us an inside look at the process he’s using to find the perfect actors for the film,

“We just officially the other day had our first casting meeting, and so what that means for anyone listening today is with the final script we’re going to start sending that into Hollywood to actually go pick up the cast members.”

We know the script is done. So what is next are meetings that McFarlane talks about that allow them to figure out who they are going to choose for each role. McFarlane goes on:

“So what you do during those first couple of meetings is go through all the characters and then sort of throw some names and bat some names around for people you think might fit it. More specifically, are there actors or characters you’ve seen in other movies that you think fall into that pool, because all of that gives the casting director a picture so that they can go ‘oh, okay, I know who to go after now that we’re doing it.’ So we’ve officially begun the casting process.”

Todd McFarlane also reiterated what he’s been preaching about the upcoming film the entire time. Spawn will be like Jaws. He’s the monster that doesn’t really say much, but is lurking, just waiting to strike. He elaborates:

“There’s two big roles in the script. There’s obviously sort of Spawn himself, although in a weird way it’s not the biggest role, and then there’s the cop. The cop is this character Twitch who’s been there since issue #1. Twitch is the role in this one, and I sort of refer to him as my sheriff Brody, who is the sheriff in the Jaws movie. Although it was called Jaws, Jaws didn’t really talk a lot in his movie, right? He just kind of showed up at the opportune time to make the movie worthwhile.”

We know that the budget isn’t going to be as handsome as other comic book based movies like Avengers: Infinity War, but it will have around a $10 million budget.  You might not think that is much, but Blumhouse Productions who will be producing the movie has done exceptional work on low budget horror films. They made The Purge, Paranormal Activity, Get Out, Split, Insidious: The Last Key, and a movie called The Belko Experiment.

What do you think? Is the prospect of a new Spawn film that is R-Rated exciting? Who do you think should be cast as Spawn and Twitch? Let us know in the comments below!

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