Logan and The Dark Knight Rises Storyboard Artist Announces Terrifying New Aliens Series

Dark Horse Comics is teaming up with Logan, The Dark Knight Rises, and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes storyboard artist Gabriel Hardman to launch a terrifying new Aliens series called Aliens: Dust to Dust.

Hardman will write and draw the new series that aims to recapture the primal fear and intensity from James Cameron’s original 1986 blockbuster that saw Newt and Ripley fight an infestation of xenomorphs. He also aims to recreate the emotional rollercoaster of feelings Ripley had for the terrified little girl.

The new series will take us deep into space to the Trono colony on the planet LV-871. The xenomorphs attack the colony as emergency evacuations are ordered. Shuttles depart the colony as fast as they can as the Aliens begin massacring large portion of the colony. 12-year old Maxon and his mother must find their way to a shuttle in order to escape the oncoming Alien horror. They will have to fight for their lives against the deadliest monsters in the galaxy in Aliens: Dust to Dust.

Aliens Dust to Dust #1

Cover by Gabriel Hardman

If Gabriel Hardman’s cover art is anything like what will be on the inside of this book, it is going to be a top-notch horror experience. The Aliens look absolutely enormous and even more fearsome than ever as they tower above Maxon and his mother.

The first issue of the four-part series goes on sale on April 24, 2018. It will feature a variant cover by Star Wars artist Carlos D’Anda, which you can see below. I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

Aliens Dust to Dust #1

Variant Cover by Carlos D’Anda

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