Anya Taylor-Joy might be throwing her hat into the ring to become Harley Quinn in an upcoming DC Films role. The New Mutants actress posted a photo of herself to Instagram looking like the iconic DC Comics villain. She even has her pigtails worn by the psychotic clown!

Take a look:

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🎩❤️Harley Quinn-Ing it into the weekend🎩❤️

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While she doesn’t explicitly pitch herself to become Harley Quinn, Anya Taylor-Joy does say, “?❤️Harley Quinn-Ing it into the weekend?❤️”

DC Films has a number of Harley Quinn related projects in the works. The most obvious is the Suicide Squad sequel which everyone expects Margot Robbie to reprise her role. Margot Robbie also revealed she’s working on a solo movie. However, there is also a rumored Joker and Harley Quinn movie. There’s also Gotham City Sirens and a R-Rated Harley Quinn animated series in the works. There’s also a Joker origin movie rumored to be in development. It wouldn’t be too far-fetched to see Harley Quinn show up in that film. And that’s just what’s been rumored to be in development.

It’s possible they might be looking at other Harley Quinn projects as well! If DC decides to pursue films outside of the DC Extended Universe continuity it could open up a plethora of opportunities to explore the characters with different actors. I can just imagine an Injustice version of Harley working right alongside Batman to defeat the tyrannical Superman.

We’ll get to see Anya Taylor-Joy in action as the New Mutant Magik when the film comes to theaters on February 22, 2019. It was originally scheduled to release on April 13, 2018, but was mysteriously rescheduled. Many believe Fox didn’t want to compete with themselves with the Untitled Deadpool Sequel dropping on May 18, 2018. Another theory and one I believe holds more weight, is that Fox didn’t want to get caught up in the superhero glut that is the beginning of 2018. They want The New Mutants to shine as a horror film.

Director Josh Boone explained to Empire, “This movie is probably the hardest PG-13 ever made. I mean, we’ve pushed it. The horror is pretty dark, but there’s also an emotional core, too. If I can scare you and make you cry: that’s the goal.”

Anya Taylor-Joy will next appear in Glass, the horror follow-up to Split and Unbreakable. Glass debuts on January 18, 2019 and The New Mutants comes out on February 22, 2019.