Sebastian Stan Wants to Play Villainous Batman Foe!

Sebastian Stan
attends The 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 7, 2018 in Beverly Hills, California.

Sebastian Stan is throwing his hat in the ring to take on villainous Batman foe, the Riddler!

While attending Wizard World St. Louis, Stan was asked about which DC Universe character he wanted to play. He knew right away who he would like to play.

“My favorite DC character has always been the Riddler, And, honestly, I would not know what to do with that character at all. But it’s such a crazy, crazy character. Maybe I wouldn’t.”

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The Riddler has seen a resurgence in both live-action and the comics in recent years.

Cory Michael Smith’s portrayal of Riddler on Gotham has been exceptional. He’s been a pillar of the show since the first season. His character has really gone through some interesting arcs and he remains an imposing threat despite his current predicament.

In the comics, Tom King recently showed off just how dangerous The Riddler can be. He begins a war with the Joker just to make him laugh. The war sends the entire city into chaos as both Riddler and Joker use their pawns to claim large swaths of Gotham. The Riddler even pushes Batman to the point of murder.

Stan could definitely be a good fit for Riddler if DC Films and Warner Bros. has plans for the character. It’s possible The Batman director Matt Reeves might use The Riddler in his upcoming film. He ditched Affleck’s script which saw Batman facing off against Deathstroke. It’s quite possible The Riddler might show up to push Batman to the brink!

The last time we saw a live-action film with The Riddler was in Batman Forever. Jim Carrey took on the role of The Riddler and primary antagonist of the film alongside Tommy Lee Jones’ Two-Face.

Would you want to see Sebastian Stan as The Riddler? Do you want to see another live-action Riddler?




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