Jessica Jones is still angry in the second trailer for the upcoming Netflix season.

The opening part of the trailer sees Jones attending an Anger Management session where she is doing everything but managing her anger. She takes a small rubber ball and repeatedly bounces it against the wall. Her anger increases every time she bounces the ball until she finally puts some real power behind her throw and cracks the wall.

As she bounces the ball, Jones reveals her tragic life story. It gets you caught up quickly if you hadn’t seen the first season. It even provides more detail for those of us who did see it.

Take a look:

The trailer kicks into high gear after introducing Jones’ horrific past. She will face new challenge, reunite with old friends, and continue her private investigative work throughout New York City.

Luke Cage sums up Jessica Jones nicely in the trailer, “Jessica Jones you are a hard drinking, short-fused, mess of a woman.”

But Jones has other ideas about herself and how to deal with problems.

“I always deal with threats head on. Meaning I punch them in the head until they are unconscious.”

Jessica Jones Season 2 will see Krysten Ritter return as Jessica Jones. Her best friend Trish Walker played by Rachael Taylor will also return. Eka Darville will return as Malcolm Ducasse. Carrie-Anne Moss will also return as Jeri Hogarth.

Base don this trailer it also appears David Tennant’s Kilgrave and Mike Colter’s Luke Cage will also return.

Joining the cast from the previous season will be J.R. Ramirez.

Jessica Jones Season 2 comes to Netflix on March 8. Are you looking forward to catching up with Jessica Jones?

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