Todd McFarlane Announces 4 New Projects!

Medieval Spawn

Todd McFarlane will be a very busy man this upcoming year. Not only is he working on his upcoming Spawn film, but at the Image Expo he revealed a number of Spawn comic book projects as well as a brand new miniseries and an ongoing monthly title.

Medieval Spawn/Witchblade

First up, is the long awaited Medieval Spawn and Witchblade crossover sequel. McFarlane made the announcement about the project last July, but nothing much came of it. However, McFarlane took the stage at Image Expo today to once again promise the Medieval Spawn/Witchblade sequel will be happening. McFarlane was originally slated to work on the project with Brian Holguin, but it now appears Holguin will be taking over the entire project. He will both write and provide art for the miniseries. It appears it might just be one-shot issue with only 32 full pages of story. The original Medieval Spawn/Witchblade crossover was three issues. However, it will be available for only $2.99.

Spawn Kills Everyone 2

Next up, McFarlane will do follow-up his successful Spawn Kills Everyone one-shot with a Spawn Kills Everyone 2 miniseries. McFarlane will be joined by Will Robson for the four part mini-series. The story will see a childish Spawn giving birth to hundreds of smaller Spawn. They take Spawn’s “kill list” and aim to help their new father.


McFarlane will be launching a brand new ongoing monthly series called Misery. The series will take on real-world scandals such as #MeToo.  A teenage hero will rise from the scandal and protect the innocent who are being victimized by the evil that is spreading across the world. The hero, Misery, will discover her powers as she travels around the world. But more importantly she will make others feel her misery.

Sam and Twitch True Detectives

Sam and Twitch True Detectives will be an eight part miniseries that will have close ties to the upcoming Spawn film. In fact, Detective “Twitch” Williams will be the main focus in the upcoming film and McFarlane and Image hope to introduce him to a whole new audience through the film.

All eight issues of the miniseries have already been completed and will be released close to the film’s announcement and trailers. McFarlane and Image Comics also hint there could be a potential TV series rolling out of the miniseries much like The Walking Dead.


Finally, McFarlane will continue the on-going monthly Spawn title as it approaches its 300th issue. A number of the upcoming issues will tie into the upcoming Spawn movie. Spawn is looking to flush out some of his biggest enemies that are locked on Earth. He will come face to face with the Clown, Overt-Kill, an all-new Violator.

Todd McFarlane is going to be a busy man with his upcoming Spawn movie and all of these fun projects with Image Comics.

I know I’m especially looking forward to the Medieval Spawn/Witchblade crossover as well as the Sam and Twitch True Detectives miniseries. Is there anything here that grabs your interest?

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