Science Fiction Author Goes Off The Rails – Targets President Donald Trump

Patrick Tomlinson

Science Fiction author Patrick S. Tomlinson went on an angry rant following the high school shooting in Parkland, Florida where he claims President Donald Trump is “the most cartoonish super-villain in history.”

Tomlinson, the author of “The Children of a Dead Earth” series, makes wild comparisons between the fictional worlds of Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and Marvel movies to the real world we inhabit. He also refers to an unknown “you” in his rant attempting to blame someone, but not really providing any clarification to who he is actually trying to blame.

“You watched a generation grow up on a diet of Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and Marvel movies, you stripped away their hope, their jobs, their futures, and then backed the most cartoonish super-villain in history for President, and you’re shocked the children are fighting back?”

It seems Tomlinson is comparing the youth who are advocating for gun control to the heroes found in Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and Marvel movies. That’s quite a take. He must not be remembering those stories very well. Harry Potter is able to overcome and defeat Voldemort because he wields the Elder Wand. A wand that is able to perform tremendous feats of magic. In fact, when Voldemort casts his Killing Curse, it backfires and ends up killing him because the Elder Wand owed allegiance to Harry Potter. That’s right Harry Potter defeated the villain because he was not only equipped with a weapon, but a much more powerful weapon.

The same comparisons could be made for a number of the Marvel movies. We can look at the most recent installment of Black Panther. Erik Killmonger usurps power in Wakanda and plans to wage a war against the entire Earth and bring it under his heel. He equips a Golden Jaguar suit that makes him nearly invulnerable. Fortunately, the Black Panther has a similar suit and is able to use it, his martial prowess, and his wits to defeat Erik Killmonger. That’s right he uses a similar weapon to defeat a power-hungry tyrant.

Finally, Tomlinson mentions the Hunger Games. I’ll be honest I didn’t read those novels, but I did watch the first couple of movies. It’s pretty clear the government has taken away or at least outlawed all of the guns in order to keep their populace under control, much like the communist regimes of the Soviet Union and China.

Tomlinson still doesn’t seem to understand the fictional works he’s referencing. I wonder if he’s actually read or watched any of them? He claims these kids calling for gun control are comparable to Katniss. That’s the complete opposite of what they are doing. What they are really doing is advocating on behalf of President Snow and his communist regime who brutally kidnapped teenagers and put them in a game show where they were forced to kill each other. Why was Snow’s communist regime able to do that? Because they had forcibly subjugated the people.

This scene from The Hunger Games: Mockingjay clearly shows the people of District 7 do not have any weapons and are mowed down by President Snow’s forces who are fully equipped with automatic rifles.

But Tomlinson wasn’t done there. He then tells these kids who are advocating for gun control to “leave no one standing.”

Patrick S. Tomlinson needs to go back and rewatch Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and Marvel movies and learn that these heroes use equal and sometimes even more powerful weapons to defeat their foes. They aren’t advocating for gun control or even putting limits on their own weapons. In fact, in Iron Man 2, Tony Stark makes an impassioned speech to the Senate Armed Services Committee where he proclaims he and his Iron Man suit are the nuclear deterrent.

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