The Oscars were a rather predictable affair last night. There were plenty of jokes targeted at Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and the current Republican administration. There was also a lot of grandstanding around the #MeToo movement, despite many of these same people supporting Harvey Weinstein in the past and doing nothing.

However, the Oscars did manage to snub well-loved actors like Adam West, Powers Boothe, Glen Campbell, and Dorothy Malone. In their annual presentation of the Hollywood figures who died they included 48 actors and actresses, but they didn’t include Adam West, Powers Boothe, Glen Campebll, or Dorothy Malone. Others not included on the list include Bill Paxton, Miguel Ferrer, Tobe Hooper, Robert Guillaume, Jim Nabors, John Hillerman, Rose Marie, and Della Reese.

Many fans were taken aback that the Oscars did not include Adam West. One Twitter user wrote, “How could the Oscars snub Adam West during it “In Memoriam” segment?

Another said, “How dare the oscars forget Adam west! Nobody messed with Adam We!”

To show just how much of a snub this is, MeTV had done a full week tribute to Adam West when he passed. MeTV is short for Memorable Entertainment Television. They bill themselves as “America’s #1 all classic television network.”

One user wrote, “That was a beautiful tribute to some incredible artists, but where was Adam West?! That man gave so much to the world of film, TV, pop culture and comic books.

Another wrote, “Why was Adam West missing from the ‘In Memorium’ section? ?If it weren’t for him, we probably wouldn’t have Batman today. His contribution to film and TV will never be forgotten.

One user was upset that Dorothy Malone who won an Oscar was left out.

Adam West might be known for his role as Batman from the 1966 comedy, but his filmography is quite extensive. He starred in Geronimo as Lt. John Delahay in 1962. He was Col. Dan McReady in Robinson Crusoe on Mars. He would even appear as The Big Kahuna in An American Vampire Story. Needless to say his film career began in the 1950s and would extend into the late 2000s.

The Oscars really should have honored him, Bill Paxton, Powers Boothe, Tobe Hooper, Dorothy Malone, and the other actors who passed away last year.

Do you think the Oscars should have honored Adam West, Powers Boothe, Bill Paxton, Dorothy Malone, Glen Campbell, and others?