God save the Queen

Mera didn’t get much screentime, but she was in last year’s Justice League. Unfortunately, other than a brief fight with Steppenwolf, Mera was relegated to a short conversation with Arthur. And that was it. Apparently that was all the motivation he needed to defend Atlantis. Regardless of that film’s shortcomings, DC Films has a bright future. Things are looking good for this year’s Aquaman including the presence of talented actress Amber Heard as Mera, Queen of Atlantis!

She is an incredible character. Not only one of the best female superheroes in comics, she’s just one of the best superheroes period. She isn’t an “Aquawoman.” Her powers are completely different from Arthur’s. That’s one of the many reasons that make her a deadly asset to Arthur Curry and the Kingdom of Atlantis. Mera also has an incredibly interesting and storied comic past.

To prepare for the upcoming film, let’s take a look at five reasons why people need to fear the Queen of the Deep.

1. Mera is an Atlantean Queen…from a different dimension.

Mera - "Aquaman" DC Comics

Mera – “Aquaman” DC Comics

Comic continuities change rather often. Why? Because superhero origins can start out a bit ridiculous. When she was first created in 1963, Mera was fleeing the enemy who took control of her home world. A place called Dimension Aqua. Sounds trippy and goofy, exactly like the origins of a comic book character created in the 1960’s. In a way, this was a perfect way to give Aquaman a Queen who was already one. She didn’t need to marry Arthur to get a throne. Turns out she already had one.

2. She was a Red Lantern.

Red Lantern Mera - DC Comics

The Red Lantern Queen of Atlantis – DC Comics

In 2007 writer Geoff Johns started having some fun with the Lantern Universe. He created multiple lantern corps based on different colors on the emotional spectrum with artist Ethan Van Sciver. When rings were making their way across the stars, different heroes were showing their true colors. Mera has always been one with a short temper. Quick to rage. Well, if Green Lanterns run on willpower Red Lanterns run on rage. When the Earth is attacked, Mera is inducted into the Red Lantern Corps to help protect it.

3. Her main superpower is Hydrokinesis – the ability to manipulate and control water.

Mera - Prime Earth - DC Comics

Mera – Prime Earth – DC Comics

Atlanteans have a bit of an advantage over those living on the surface. Thanks to living underwater, they have enhanced endurance and strength among other things. It makes them tough and courageous warriors. But that’s not all they’re capable of. Mera has a unique power that is not common among Atlanteans: the ability to control water. Remember water-bending from Avatar: The Last Airbender? Well, it started first in the hands of Mera. Her amazing powers were briefly glimpsed in Justice League. Expect her to unleash her full oceanic fury later this year.

4. Mera once had to overcome her worst possible fear: Black Lantern Aquaman.

Black Lantern Aquaman - Blackest Night - DC Comics

Black Lantern Aquaman – Blackest Night – DC Comics

The Blackest Night event was one of the most awesome Universe-destroying events in comic book history. It was glorious. But also a little gruesome. The DC Universe lost some of its greatest heroes including Aquaman. The Queen allowed his remains to be returned to Atlantis. But later his reanimated corpse comes back in the form of a Black Lantern. But like any good warrior Mera didn’t back down. As you can see, Aquaman even offered to bring their deceased son back to life to convince her of his good faith. Mera wasn’t fooled and like any good warrior, she stood her ground.

5. She can pull the water out of the human body.

Mera in "Aquaman" - DC Comics

Mera in “Aquaman” – DC Comics

Hydrokinesis has its perks. Being able to manipulate and sense water can be a useful trick. Especially when you’re not in the ocean. This isn’t just an awesome way to take down an enemy, it’s down right gruesome! She can literally dehydrate someone to death. While the daughter of the above criminal is able to convince Mera to let him go, imagine if the Queen of Atlantis decides to use her incredible power in the upcoming film?

Aquaman will be in theaters on December 21st of this year. But if you want to read more Atlantean stories, check out her new comic series entitled, Mera: Queen of Atlantis!

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