Beware of MAJOR spoilers to Aquaman, ye who enter here

The Seven seas are filled with plenty of salt. So make sure to take this story with several grains of it. Aquaman is still long way off. The film will hit theaters on December 21st of this year. Usually, plot details take a long time to leak for modern blockbusters. That might not be the case for Aquaman. Writer Jeremy Conrad has been behind several of the recent Deadpool 2 leaks, and has now made his way over to DC’s next film. Conrad hails the film as incredible and the next step for DC. Great news. He also has plenty to say about the plot of the film. Including the reveal of just how Black Manta and Arthur Curry first began their rivalry!

Jeremy has been posting Aquaman updates over on his Manabyte’s Blog. One of the most interesting tidbits includes a breakdown of Arthur and Manta’s first encounter and fight.

Arthur pushes the submarine to the surface and fights his way inside. He manages to take out all of the pirate commandos and then frees the Russian sailors. He tracks down Manta and his father and they fight. Through the course of the fight a torpedo is knocked loose and traps Manta’s father as the sub begins to flood. Manta begs Arthur to save him, but he says he’s a murderer. Manta won’t leave his father, but then his father sacrifices himself with a grenade to force Manta out of the sub. On the surface Arthur is pulling the Russian sailors to safety in rafts as Manta returns to the surface very pissed off.

Very interesting. Arthur is usually the one responsible for the death of Manta’s father. How much does this change the core of their bitter rivalry?

The beginning of a BEAUTIFUL friendship

Black Manta and Aquaman have always been rivals. Manta is one of Aquaman’s first villains, an enhanced-suit wearing pirate capable of great feats of strength and villainy. A perfect kind of obstacle for the King of Atlantis to overcome in his first film. The New 52 origin of the characters, written by Geoff Johns, demonizes them both. Manta is responsible for the death of Arthur’s father; Arthur is responsible for the death of Manta’s. It’s a vicious cycle that humanizes both characters, making them imperfect.

But that’s because Johns was trying to add depth to an old character. Not introduce him to audiences for the first time. While it sounds like Arthur won’t save Manta’s Father, that doesn’t exactly make him responsible for his death. An interesting way to make Arthur seem brash and irrational, but not entirely without reason. And an interesting way to begin Manta’s hatred for the King of the Seven Seas.

Once again, these leaks won’t be verified until the film’s release this December. But this image from Aquaman, which is supposedly the first fight between Manta and Arthur, looks exactly like it fits the description of the scene.

The beginning of every one of Conrad’s posts begins with this heartening endorsement:

Aquaman isn’t out until December and the movie is so good it’ll represent the start of a new era for the DCEU with films such as Shazam and Wonder Woman 2 following.

That’s exactly what DC Films needs right now. Exciting and well-made movies about some of the world’s greatest characters. Who could ask for more?

Conrad’s words about Aquaman echo the reactions from the recent test-screening. While DC and Warner Bros. have given audiences plenty of reason to still be hesitant, it might be safe to get excited.


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