Son of legendary actor/director Clint Eastwood, Scott Eastwood is ready to make a name for himself, and he has a major Marvel character in mind. After a brief appearance in Suicide Squad, the actor is about to hit the big time with the upcoming Pacific Rim: Uprising movie.

His short time in the Suicide Squad movie seems to have rubbed off on him as he talks about wanting to take over the role of Wolverine after Hugh Jackman allegedly departed the role following Logan. Although Sebastian Stan hinted he could come back.

In an interview with Screen Rant Eastwood puts his excitement about the character on full display. In it, he details his “100%” commitment if he was offered the role.

During the interview, Scott Eastwood acknowledged many fans have already fan-cast him as Wolverine:

“I’ve heard this. I love Wolverine. He’s one of my favorite comic book characters of all time. He’s a renegade. Total badass renegade. He’s kind of, you know, a loose cannon…doesn’t play by the rules…he’s the kind of character that I love.”

When pressed on if he would be “down” for the role of Wolverine Eastwood replied, “100%”

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Many fans are still trying to campaign to see Jackman reprise the role. It’s possible if Marvel does give Eastwood the call he might face stiff competition from Hugh Jackman. However, given Eastwood’s age, he might edge out Jackman as he would most likely have a greater longevity in the role, which is arguably one of Marvel’s most popular characters ever.

I believe that Scott Eastwood has both the looks and talent to bring a complex and intense character like Wolverine to life.

Do you want to see Scott Eastwood become Wolverine? Take our poll and let us know! Is there anyone else besides Jackman that you would like to see become Wolverine?

You can catch Scott Eastwood in Pacific Rim: Uprising which invades theaters March 23rd.