The Greatest Team in Comics is getting a Reboot!

For a while now, both the live-action and comic Justice League’s have been in hot water. The issues with DC Films are widely known, but the comic series has had a different issue. The Justice League comic series was fantastic under writer Geoff Johns, but those days are long gone. Bryan Hitch and Tony Daniel introduced the series in the Rebirth era, but both have since left the title. Now, the series is getting a much-needed reinvention! DC has announced that writer Scott Snyder will be joined by artists Jim Cheung (New Avengers: Illuminati) and Jorge Jimenez (Super Sons) on a bi-weekly reboot of Justice League that will begin after the events of Justice League: No Justice.

DC released some incredible details about the project, while still managing to keep their lips tight!

DC Entertainment continues to attract dynamic, top-name talent, announcing today that artists Jim Cheung (Marvel’s Young Avengers) and Jorge Jiménez (SUPERMAN, SUPER SONS) will join acclaimed writer Scott Snyder (DARK NIGHTS: METAL) in launching DC’s flagship JUSTICE LEAGUE comic book in June.

On sale June 6, JUSTICE LEAGUE #1 follows the events of DC NATION #0 (on sale May 2) and JUSTICE LEAGUE: NO JUSTICE (on sale weekly from May 9 through 30). The Justice League is launched into a mystery that will draw out their most terrible foes…in ways our heroes couldn’t possibly imagine! In this debut issue, Martian Manhunter struggles to protect the team from an incoming threat that will shatter the world as they know it, while a familiar face strikes out on a dark path…

Sounds dark, mysterious, and awesome. But more importantly were the exciting statements and art samples made by the creative team!

Justice League Art by Jorge Jimenez - DC Comics

Justice League – Art by Jorge Jimenez – DC Comics

“Working on JUSTICE LEAGUE is probably the most exciting opportunity I’ve ever had in my career.”

Jorge Jimenez did an incredible job bringing Super Sons to life and seems to be very excited about working on the new Justice League. 

“Working on JUSTICE LEAGUE is probably the most exciting opportunity I’ve ever had in my career,” says Jiménez. “I feel more than ever that this is my moment! I have in my hands a script written by the incredible Scott Snyder starring most important DC characters–Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman! Even better, I have the hyper-mega-talented Jim Cheung beside me! I can’t ask for more!”

Jim Cheung is a famed artist, but he happens to be brand new to DC! This is the first official piece of Justice League art by him.

Justice League - Art by Jim Cheung - DC Comics

Justice League – Art by Jim Cheung – DC Comics

Cheung also had words of praise for his teammates!

“I am extremely honored, and happy, to be able to launch JUSTICE LEAGUE with Scott and Jorge,” says Cheung about headlining the new series. “It has been many years since I’ve had the pleasure of working at DC, but when Scott first mentioned this opportunity, I knew I couldn’t say no. His energy and excitement has been infectious, and I can’t wait to share what we have in store! I can’t think of a more perfect book to return to DC on!”

And famed writer Scott Snyder couldn’t help but make the announcement even more exciting.

“Justice League has been the golden ring for me since I came to DC,” says Snyder. “The story I have planned is something I’ve been building towards through DARK NIGHTS: METAL and I can’t wait to tell it in the biggest way possible.”

Sounds like a dream come true for any DC fan.

The brand new Justice League #1 will hit comic shelves on June 6th.