**Warning Spoilers for Justice League #41 Below**

In Justice League #41 by Christopher Priest, Philippe Briones, and Jeromy Cox, the Justice League’s Watchtower has fallen into East Africa and the Justice League gets caught up in a local political struggle. Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Cyborg try to defend the Watchtower from a number of African tribes who are looking to either extract their own pound of flesh or salvage the Watchtower for their own gain. On top of the warring African tribes, LexCorp is also attempting to salvage the Watchtower.

To make matters worse for the Justice League a group of refugees attempting to find refuge begin making the area around the Watchtower their home. They try to use the Justice League’s presence as a way to keep themselves safe from other tribes who are attempting to kill them.

The ensuing conflict leaves the Justice League divided and questioning what exactly is their mission and what is the meaning of justice. The argument comes to a head as both Superman and Wonder Woman have differing ideas on how the League should act.

Justice League #41

Wonder Woman insists on the Justice League imposing a cease fire by force especially after the league disarmed an entire tribe, who are now defenseless. Because the Red Lion and his troops are intent on taking the Watchtower by any means necessary.

Superman disagrees with Wonder Woman and believes the Justice League should try and remove itself from the situation and allow the people to make their own decisions for themselves. As Superman and Wonder Woman argue the finer points of what the Justice League should actually be doing, one of the tribesman begins shooting Superman.

In a plot straight out of X-Men: First Class, the bullets deflect off of Superman’s chest and strike Wonder Woman. She falls to the ground unconscious with blood dripping from her neck.

Justice League #41

Will Wonder Woman survive? Or is she down for the count?

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