Marvel Entertainment released their latest promo for Avengers: Infinity War, “Nothing is Infinite.”

The teaser clip shows Iron Man in the beaten down position on what appears to be Thanos’ home planet of Titan. He looks rough for wear and then the words, “Nothing is Infinite,” scroll across the screen and Iron Man’s body.

Take a look:

The teaser seems pretty ominous for Tony Stark’s fate as Iron Man. We’ve gotten two trailers which both indicate Iron Man will be taking a pretty big beating when he faces off against Thanos or possibly his Black Order. The words “Nothing is Infinte” could indicate Iron Man may be one of the Avengers to fall in combat to Thanos and his deadly Black Order. It’s also possible this could be showing Iron Man readying to launch a massive counterattack on the Mad Titan and preventing him from taking full control of the Infinity Gauntlet. It could be alluding to the idea that Iron Man may be the Avenger to stop Thanos from wiping out half the known universe.

What do you make of the teaser clip? Do you think it could be hinting at Iron Man’s demise in Avengers: Infinity War or potentially a counterattack against Thanos to prevent him from assembling the Infinity Gauntlet? Or do you have your own theories on what it could mean?

Thanos brings the pain when Avengers: Infinity War comes to theaters on April 27, 2018.