Batman Beyond in the near future?

Someday Terry McGuinness will appear on the big screen in his Batman Beyond costume. While the DCEU is in a sad state at the moment, DC has been doing incredibly well on the small screen! With multiple hit shows over multiple networks, DC TV has a wonderful Universe all to itself. Hopefully, that Universe will continue to get bigger.

Arrow‘s Costume Designer Andy Poon shared one of his coolest designs yet! A costume for one Terry McGinnis, as the caped crusader from Batman Beyond.

Though it’s an early concept, it already looks incredible! Moon also posted some closer looks at the design, specifically the helmet. As he mentions, Poon won’t be sharing the full design for quite some time. He knows just how to tease the fans! But the level of detail he’s putting into a concept that could be purely for fun is a testament to his dedication to DC and Batman Beyond. 

Then he shares a closer look at the visor. The deep red colors mixing in with the black is much clearer in this image. Showing off the intricate texture and design.

While this is in the early stages of the project, the suit already looks fantastic! The suits of the DC TV shows haven’t always been fantastic, but Moon’s designs are the Terry McGinnis Batman Beyond that the fans deserve.

As beautiful as the designs are don’t get too excited. In the comments of the Instagram post Moon says the designs are, “not for the show…me and a small team will actually be making this into a real suit for fun.” However, Poon did have some words of enthusiasm about his personal project, “maybe if there are enough fans loving it, wb will pay attention.” DC and Batman Beyond fans around the world hope they do.

It wouldn’t be too far-fetched to potentially have a Batman Beyond reference in Arrow. With the Legends of Tomorrow as well as The Flash, time traveling is a pretty big player. Who is to say they don’t show up in the future where Terry McGinnis as Batman prowls the street of Gotham.

Would you want to see Terry McGinnis and Batman Beyond show up in Arrow?