Marvel Comics has released new details on their upcoming Cosmic Ghost Rider series. The series will be titled Cosmic Ghost Rider: Punishment by Fire and will be written by co-creator Donny Cates and artist Dylan Burnett.

The Cosmic Ghost Rider is a future version of Frank Castle who has been imbued with the powers of a Ghost Rider as well as a herald of Galactus. He would eventually become a servant of Thanos after the Mad Titan obliterated Galactus.

In the upcoming series Cates and Burnett will explore the Cosmic Ghost Rider’s plans for a better universe…however crazy they may be.

“Cosmic Ghost Rider is such a blast to work on,” said Cates. “It’s honestly pretty overwhelming how much the Marvel fans have embraced this crazy character, and I’m having so much fun continuing the Rider’s insane story! If you thought Thanos Wins was wild…you just wait to see what we have planned for everyone’s new favorite space lunatic!”

The series will run five issues with the first issue dropping on July 4, 2018.

Take a look at the cover by Geoff Shaw and some of the interiors by Dylan Burnett.

Cosmic Ghost Rider #1 Cosmic Ghost Rider #1 Cosmic Ghost Rider #1

It looks like the first issue will recap the Cosmic Ghost Rider’s origin story including Frank Castle’s work as a Marine in the jungles of Vietnam to the tragic death of his family in New York City. It then looks to explore his deal with Mephisto to become a Ghost Rider and his pact with Galactus to become a Herald. It even depicts the Cosmic Ghost Rider’s battle with Norrin Radd and what appeared to be his defeat in the latest issue of Thanos. It’s quite possible he might have actually survived the attack from the Mjolnir wielding Fallen One!

Is this a book you plan on checking out? I know I will definitely be grabbing this one.

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