Deadpool 2 Writer Debunks Latest Villain Rumor


Deadpool 2 writer Rhett Reese took to Twitter to debunk a recent rumor concerning one of the villains in the film.

The rumor indicated that Jack Kesy’s character who is rumored to be Black Tom Cassidy had been cut from the film. Kesy has not appeared in any of the trailers or the promotional material for Deadpool 2. The rumor began when Jeff Sneider on his Meet the Movie Press podcast had gotten a tip from an anonymous source indicating Kesy had been cut.

Black Tom Cassidy is a villain who primarily worked with Cain Marko aka the Juggernaut. Black Tom Cassidy was also the cousin of Sean Cassidy aka Banshee of the X-Men. Black Tom’s Cassidy mutant powers allowed him to channel thermokinetic blasts through his shillelagh. He would eventually take on a Groot-like plant form and gain plant-based powers.

Reese simply responded to the rumor as “untrue.”

It’s still unclear who Jack Kesy will be playing in Deadpool 2, but we do know that he will be joined by a number of other mutants in the film including Deadpool played by Ryan Reynolds, Cable played by Josh Brolin, Domino played by Zazie Beetz, Colossus played by Stefan Kapicic, Negasonic Teenage Warhead played by Brianna Hildebrand, Bedlam played by Terry Crews, and Shatterstar played by Lewis Tan. Other rumored mutants include Rictor who could possibly be played by Bill Skarsgård, Juggernaut, Surge by Shioli Kutsuna, Pete Wisdom, and Zeitgeist, another possibility for Bill Skarsgård.

Deadpool 2 comes to theaters on May 18.

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