Starfire, Beast Boy, and Raven Look HIDEOUS in First Look Set Photos from ‘Titans’

New leaked set photos from DC’s upcoming Titans live-action series give us our first look at Anna Diop’s Starfire, Ryan Potter’s Beast Boy, and Teagan Croft’s Raven.

Take a look:

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Call me a comic book purist, but Anna Diop’s Starfire is absolutely horrendous. She looks absolutely nothing like Starfire from the comics. For reference here is the image of Starfire DC Comics used to promote the casting announcement of Anna Diop.

StarfireAs you can see Starfire has orange skin and her hair is wavy and long. It’s not a red dyed weave. Also what in the world is Anna Diop wearing? Why is she wearing some kind of fur coat? I hope that’s just to keep her warm while filming in Toronto.

The only thing that even resembles Starfire in that photo is she is wearing the color purple. Nothing else in the photo actually informs you that that’s Starfire. If we didn’t already know Anna Diop is Starfire, my guess is we wouldn’t have a clue what character she was playing.

Former DC Comics artist David Williams said, “Starfire looks like someone from love and Hip Hop.

Beast Boy

As for Beast Boy, why in the world is he wearing a sweatshirt? Also why isn’t his skin painted green as well? What is going on here? At least they did get his color scheme right with the sweatshirt and his hair looks somewhat respectable. But as I look closer at Ryan Potter’s hair why does the green dye stop above his ears. Why isn’t all of his hair green? Was it too expensive to do all of his hair or get a wig?

Beast Boy


Raven might be the most comic book accurate. However, I’m still disappointed she doesn’t have some cool buttons on her outfit and on her belt. It looks like she has a sash on.


David Williams wasn’t the only one dissatisfied with the costume designs.

What do you make of Starfire, Beast Boy, and Raven? Do you think they are as hideous as me or do you think there’s a chance they can make these designs work in post?

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