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Jason Momoa and James Wan‘s Aquaman is the only DC Film coming out this year. After a 2017 filled with great successes and great failures, fans and audiences were glad to see the studio take things a little slower. All signs point to Aquaman being the success everyone wants it to be, but some things require a finishing touch.

In a recent Instagram post, Jason Momoa shared some behind-the-scenes looks at Frontier and some pick-up shots for Aquaman. 

As the Aquaman photo is the second in the gallery, you’d have to click through… but here’s a screenshot!

Jason Momoa Behind the Scenes look at "Aquaman" - Instagram

Jason Momoa Shares Behind-the-Scenes look at “Aquaman” – Instagram

Just what could be hiding in those blue screens? Most likely Atlantis. While huge underwater sets were created for the film, there’s probably a lot of blue screen effects for the larger battle sequences. A major blockbuster like Aquaman features a ton of effects. It could arguably have more effects than a film like Black Panther, simply because it’s easier to make a real Wakanadan set than it is to make one for Atlantis. Previously, Momoa has said the film will feature everything from monsters to massive ships and structures.

Rather than create a CGI Aquaman for those sequences, the filmmakers would rather film Momoa as much as possible. Expect a lot of the underwater action to look incredible, even though there will be plenty of real sets and stunts to be found.

Rock the boat, Don’t rock the boat

It’s important to note the difference between pick-up shots and re-shoots. It’s likely that Aquaman did or will undergo some re-shoots, but pick-up shots aren’t the same thing. Pick-ups are meant to cover more specific shots and coverage that wasn’t previously taken. The filmmakers realize they’re missing a particular expression from Mera; or that exact trident throw from Arthur.

When the big, bad word “re-shoots” gets thrown around these days, people imagine entire acts of movies being reformed. And that absolutely happens, just look at Justice League and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Momoa could be purposefully trying to not use that word, but that’s probably not the case. Rogue One is proof that the fans won’t judge a film for getting better after re-shoots.

Countless comic book fans will be looking forward to DC’s latest, right after Marvel has its best year yet.

Aquaman hits theaters on December 21st.

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