Titans Actress Anna Diop Responds to Starfire Costume Criticism

Anna Diop
ATLANTA, GA - FEBRUARY 02: Actor Anna Diop attend a press junket for ?24: Legacy? during Day One of the aTVfest 2017 presented by SCAD on February 2, 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for SCAD)

Anna Diop, who will play Starfire in the upcoming DC Comics live-action Titans series, responded to fans who criticized the costume design for Starfire after one fan took a number of on-set photos of Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven, and Dick Grayson.

Diop responded via Instagram saying:

“To the ‘Titan’ fans:  Yesterday a photo of me on set leaked online. And it was unfortunate because fans have been waiting MONTHS for a photo of ‘Starfire’ and a sloppy (?) photo of me on a curb in 15 degree weather is what they got instead ? For the sake of our incredible fans – I hated that this is the first picture people are seeing. It’s out of context and it’s a misrepresentation of the incredible character I get to play. And also a misrepresentation of the phenomenal production behind it all.
With that said – the hate speech that followed was deplorable. And though I am highly unbothered ?? I do want to use this as an opportunity to say that tearing people down is not something that I tolerate. For myself or anyone else. Too often social media is abused by some who find refuge in the anonymity and detachment it provides: misused as a tool to harass, abuse, and spew hatred at others. This is weak, sad, and a direct reflection of the abuser.

Racist, derogatory, and/or cruel comments have nothing to do with the person on the receiving end of that abuse. And because I know this – I’m unfazed 🙂 But for anyone out there who may not – I am here to remind you that whatever ugly and negative thing anyone ever chooses to say about you is always a reflection and revelation of themselves- it does NOT define you, and it certainly does NOT make you any less perfect than you are – Be you! Stay beautiful! Live breezy 🙂 As always,
Much love ?”


While I am sure there were a few nasty and cruel comments, I didn’t really see that many. In fact, many of the comments I saw were ashamed of the Titans production crew because of how cheap they made Starfire look. They weren’t directing their criticism to the actress, but to the designers of the costume. A lot of comparisons were made to the ABC’s Inhumans, which had its own problems with Medusa’s hair.

The design we saw this week didn’t look anything like the Starfire from the comics. It was even hard to figure out exactly who she was supposed to be if you didn’t know Anna Diop was playing Starfire. The only thing she had going for her was the purple dress and maybe the green gem on her necklace. But nothing on the entire suit design screamed, “This is Starfire!”

I hope DC Comics takes the actual criticism they got for the suit design to heart and makes some significant changes in either post or gets her a new suit as the show progresses. This one just isn’t Starfire.

As consumers we want a quality product, based on the set photos – it doesn’t look like we are going to get that with Titans at this point in time.

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