Deadpool Gives Cable a New Nickname in Latest Deadpool 2 Trailer

Deadpool 2

Today is a great day. Not because its Thursday and I get to enjoy some cheap donuts at the office, but because the latest and final Deadpool 2 trailer dropped. And it sure as hell did not disappoint!

Take a peek at the trailer below:


As we watch the trailer we get our best look at the people who will be making up X-Force in this film. Also shown is what looks to be the main plot points. Now we know for a fact that Cable is coming from the future and is after a young male mutant. Because of this, Wade forms a team to stop him. Don’t forget to catch up your Cable knowledge here before the movie comes out!

The best part of the trailer was at the 23 to 24 second mark when Deadpool calls out Cable as Thanos. For those who may not know, Josh Brolin who plays Cable in Deadpool 2 is also starring in Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War as Thanos. That nod, in my opinion, just tells you that they really didn’t mess with the formula at all since the first film.

Deadpool also throws another jab at the DC Extended Universe as well.

The trailer also showcases the auditioning or recruiting process for Deadpool’s X-Force. Domino explains her “Luck” superpower while Wade hilariously argues that it isn’t even a superpower. We also get our first real good look at Shatterstar.

Though we don’t hear from Negasonic Teenage Warhead or Colossus, we see them in the trailer. We also get to see more of Terry Crews’ Bedlam.

One of the more interesting members of the X-Force is Peter. Based on the trailer he doesn’t have any powers and just shows up to the X-Force auditions. Wade being Wade, he puts him on the team just for showing up. Talk about a participation trophy!

Also coming out today is the ability to buy your tickets before the May 18th premiere. This gives fans a full month to buy their tickets and stew until the movie makes it to theaters. It will also be a great way to measure the films anticipated performance at the box office.

Are you ready for Deadpool 2? What was your favorite part of the trailer? Tell us in the comments below!

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