Tom Hiddleston, Vin Diesel, and Josh Brolin Just Made These Fans Dreams Come True

Tom Hiddleston Surprise

Cosplay has been a big thing that has only grown with con-culture over the years. Being able to turn yourself into your favorite hero or villain is both challenging and rewarding. Thanks to Avengers: Infinity War star Tom Hiddleston, who plays Loki, it became even more rewarding.

A few British Loki cosplayers got to showcase their Loki cosplay at a fan event in the United Kingdom. However, they got more than they were expecting. As they did their best imitations of Loki in their cosplay, Tom Hiddleston, the god of mischief, came out from behind a poster to surprise them!

During the event, Hiddleston got to watch from behind the scenes as each cosplayer revealed their personal favorite Loki moments. One even said that hers was at another premiere where Tom Hiddleston bowed to her cosplay.

From there each of the cosplayers had their own time to do their best impression of Loki for the camera, with props to help them out. But when Tom Hiddleston walks out, they were all shocked to see him. Only a few were able to get any words out.

But, Tom Hiddleston isn’t the only Marvel star surprising fans.

Not be outdone by their co-star, Vin Diesel and Josh Brolin both surprised fans in their own unique way.

In a tweet from Marvel’s official Twitter account, we see Vin Diesel, who voices Groot, deliver a prize to an excited fan. The fans entered a contest for some good loot from the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War movie. What they didn’t know was that each prize came with a surprise visit from cast members.

Vin Diesel disguised himself behind a Groot cutout before he surprised the lucky winner with a big hug. Her reaction is phenomenal. Take a look below.

Not to be outdone by the good guys, Josh Brolin, who plays Marvel’s big bad Thanos went on to surprise a fan as well. In the video, Brolin describes the contest and how they were supposed to surprise him. However, they decided to take it to his office and deliver the Infinity Gauntlet. He even goes back to the lucky winner’s desk and signs the Infinity Gauntlet. The fan’s reaction might be a little subdued, but you can hear him say, “Best day ever!

The videos showcase the passion the fans have for these characters and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it also shows the studio appreciates their fans too. They go out of their way to surprise them with awesome cast visits! I’m not sure if I’d let out anything but a high pitched Ned Flanders style scream if they visited me.

It’s just an awesome feeling to make these folks day that much more special.

Avengers: Infinity War is only eight days away, are you ready?

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