Over the last few months Smallville actress Allison Mack’s alleged sex cult’s activities have been brought to light. In Mexico, she was reportedly involved in a high speed car chase with Mexican Federal Police after they arrested alleged NXIVM cult leader Keith Raniere and charged him with sex trafficking among other charges.

Shortly afterward Mack was arrested in the United States for her alleged role in the cult’s criminal activity. She was charged with sex trafficking, slavery, assault, and witness tampering among others.

Page Six reports Mack’s lawyers “have been in plea talks on the sex-trafficking and forced-labor conspiracy charges against her.”

Mack’s lawyers cut a deal where she was released on a five million dollar bond and agreed to stay under house arrest in California while she awaits trial in a Brooklyn federal court.

As part of the bond deal, Mack was also ordered to not have contact with other members of NXIVM including Battlestar Galactica’s Nicki Clyne, India Oxenberg, the daughter of Dynasty actress Catherine Oxenberg, and Seagram’s liquor heiress Clare Bronfman.

Judge Viktor Pohorelsky told Allison Mack:“Basically, avoid contact with anyone you know associated in any way with Nxivm. Do you understand?” Mack responded,” Yes, your honor.”

Allison’s mother, Melinda secured the bond using her daughter’s home in Clifton Park, New York, their home in Los Alamitos California, and a retirement account that Allison Mack owned.

Mack, as part of the bond agreement, was also ordered to wear an ankle monitor to minimize her flight risk. She is also unable to use a cell phone or have internet access. She will also be in her mother’s home until she is brought to New York on May 3rd.

According to prosecutors, Mack acted as  cult leader Keith Raniere’s second in command. She recruited young women who later would become slaves. She also branded them with his initials. They also claim she made threats against witnesses, tampering, sex trafficking, and other charges stemming from the internal operations of the group.

Allison Mack plead not guilty to sex trafficking.

There’s speculation Mack and her lawyers might have also cut a deal with prosecutors to inform on Raniere. Page Six reported Mack’s lawyers filed an affidavit where she waived her sixth amendment right to a speedy trial as “they are engaged in plea negotiations, which they beleive are likely to result in a disposition of this case without trial.”

Allison Mack’s court date is May 3rd in Brooklyn Federal court.