Late last night, we got our first look at Tom Hardy as Venom in an apparent leak from the upcoming trailer. Just a couple hours after the first leak of Venom dropped, Sony Pictures released the full length second Venom trailer, which you can see above.

This new trailer lays out exactly what we can expect to see in the new Venom movie. We get our first real good look at Riz Ahmed’s villainous Carlton Drake. He runs some kind of pharmaceutical corporation called the Life Foundation. Eddie Brock is currently investigating the Life Foundation and even lands an exclusive interview with Drake. He doesn’t pull any punches and asks him a bunch of tough questions, despite warnings from Michelle Williams’ Anne Weying. Drake cuts the interview short after a question concerning his business practices. Those practices being to exploit the most vulnerable for experimentation.

Seemingly, after the interview is cut short Hardy’s Brock gets a tip from a Jenny Slate’s Life Foundation employee Dora Skirth. She tells him about the symbiotes and Drake’s experiments. She then appears to give him access to the Life Foundation which Brock takes full advantage. We see a number of people in containment cells who appear to have been affected by at least one symbiote. When he comes upon a woman, she leaps through her cell and attacks Brock. Brock goes running through facility, until he gets to his apartment where he says he’s feeling sick and hearing voices. We get to see the first signs of the Venom symbiote and even hear his voice.

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Before he can even figure out what’s happening, we get a clip of some Life Foundation goons attempting to contain Brock. That’s when Venom manifests himself. The symbiote launches his webbing to defend not only himself from the Life Foundation, but Brock as well. That’s when the trailer kicks into high gear. We see more of the motorcycle chase scene and some pretty cool graphic effects when he uses the Venom webbing to bring himself back onto the motorcycle. Finally, the trailer ends with Brock changing completely into Venom saying “We are Venom.”

The trailer looked pretty freaking good to me. I liked seeing Brock doing his investigative journalism. But what really stood out to me was how he fights with the symbiote for control over his own body. I really hope director Ruben Fleischer, Tom Hardy, and Sony Pictures keep exploring this idea. It’s something we haven’t really seen on the big screen yet.

Venom hits theaters on October 5, 2018. I’ll be watching. Will you?