Your Mission, If You Choose to Accept It

Man of Steel 2 is probably going to happen. The world wants it and Henry Cavill wants to make it. For a while, director Matthew Vaughan had been loosely attached to the project. Considering his prowess with superhero films, he’d be a great choice for the job. But another director may have just thrown his hat in the ring. Christopher McQuarrie is currently putting the finishing touches on Mission Impossible: Fallout. A film in which he directed none other than Henry Cavill sporting one of the best mustaches ever.

Christopher McQuarrie, Tom Cruise and Henry Cavill from Christopher McQuarrie's Instagram

Christopher McQuarrie, Tom Cruise and Henry Cavill from Christopher McQuarrie’s Instagram

Well, apparently it was a pleasure to work with Henry. Considering the positive presence he has on social media, and his wonderful performances on the big screen, it’s no surprise he’s a great guy. But he’s so great in fact, that McQuarrie would direct Man of Steel 2 if Cavill asked him.

Here’s McQuarrie answering the question of whether or not he’d direct a superhero film in an interview with Entrevista. 

First of all, let’s talk about his approach. Story, story, and story. That’s all Christopher McQuarrie cares about. That’s wonderful to hear considering the particular trouble DC Films is in. These films need directors who care more about cultivating rich characters and exciting stories as opposed to someone obsessed with edginess. McQuarrie is already an Academy Award-winning screenwriter, and is now one of the best screenwriters and directors in Hollywood. This is the exact kind of person the DCEU needs right now.

Most important to note, is that Henry said in a recent interview that he had conversations with certain people about a sequel. Well, he’s probably spent a good deal of time with McQuarrie over the last few months. Hopefully, that friendship can foster a new Superman film worthy of Henry Cavill.