Gerry Conway, the co-creator of The Punisher, Powergirl, Ms. Marvel, and others, had a fun Twitter exchange with a fan early this week. The exchange ended with Conway calling the fan a racist because he believes that racists point to famed economist Thomas Sowell to cover up their “racism.”All of which concluded with his belief that racist point to fame economist Thomas Sowell to cover up their “racism.”

This exchange started when Gerry Conway asked, “Why does the alt-right imagine it’s an insult to call someone a ‘social justice warrior?’ Isn’t justice a good thing? Don’t we all live in a society? Isn’t this another way of saying you’re fighting the good fight? I accept it as honorific.”

A fan answered innocently.

That’s when Conway implied that he was a racist because he referenced a well-respected economist who has dedicated his life to analyzing a number of the questions Conway asked.

Anyone with a hint of familiarity with the work of Dr. Thomas Sowell would know that he is by no means a prop.

This stinks of ignorance, but it’s also an insinuation on Conway’s part that if you have read Thomas Sowell and appreciate or even agree with his work, you are a racist. It’s simply insulting.

Though he was an amazing talent in comics, his knowledge of economics is obviously lacking if he doesn’t understand Sowell’s impact. In his book, Basic Economics, Thomas Sowell cites Soviet economists as well as others from around the world to show how every attempt by government to intervene in the market leads to market failures. Those failures, in turn, hurt the poorest among us.

Not only that, but he shows in the book and some of his other works such as Applied Economics, how capitalism’s very nature nurtures economic growth for those with the least. He also shows how government programs such as Affirmative Action have disproportionately helped already well to do minority households, instead of correcting old institutional injustices.

What Conway is implying is that people like Sowell are tokens. He’s a prominent black economist who doesn’t ascribe to the ideas and beliefs that people like Conway expect him to ascribe to. So, in a roundabout way, Conway is basically calling Sowell a Sambo. And then he really goes off the deep end and says that anyone who finds Sowell’s arguments convincing is somehow a racist and to promote Sowell’s ideas somehow promotes racism. It’s just a logical nightmare and doesn’t make any sense.

In no way has Conway read or studied Sowell’s decades worth of work. Because if he had, he’d know that Thomas Sowell speaks for himself, and speaks about subjects through the lens of logic and reason. Something that Gerry Conway seems not to do on Twitter.

Since Conway mentioned the eighties, I’ll leave you with this Firing Line episode from PBS. In it, we see an amazing interview with the good doctor that still has lessons for us to learn today.

Gerry Conway is yet another example of a white liberal who cannot stand to see non-white people not ascribing to the way he believes they should think. This idea of entitlement to minority opinions is shockingly similar to how the old plantation owners felt entitled to the lives and labors of their black slaves.

Conway also shows just how rough the comic book industry is doing right now. Creators are going out of their way to label fans and more importantly potential customers racists. This type of behavior is not only reprehensible, but it’s also just bad for business.

There’s a reason why Marvel Studios is absolutely crushing it at the box office with every single film they put it out. Iron Man actor Robert Downey Jr. explains:

Instead of attacking potential fans and customers, Robert Downey Jr. explains Marvel Studios has “taken the high road and they’ve really listened to the audience and the fans. There’s been a lot of creative synergy.” He goes on to say they’ve put in hard work “to keep it viable and interesting and entertaining.” It can’t be overstated that Marvel Studios does in fact listen to their fans and delivers them fantastic, interesting, and entertaining products year after year. Gerry Conway should take a lesson from Marvel Studios and Robert Downey Jr. that you should actually listen to the fans and take the high road.

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