Image Comics Announces Battlepug: Compugdium

Battlepug: Compugdium

Image Comics announced today that they will be publishing the award-winning webcomic Battlepug by Mike Norton.

If you are unfamiliar with Norton, he’s done a number of other Image Comics series including Revival and Curse Words Holiday Special #1. He also wrote and drew a political parody book called Lil’ Donnie: Executive Privelege. He’s also doing the artwork on DC Comics’ Mystik U and has provided pencils for Booster Gold, Teen Titans, Green Arrow and Black Canary, Young Justice, and Trinity. He’s also worked for Marvel on their Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. series as well as Darth Vader and Years of Future Past.

Image Comics will publish the series in trade paperback format as Battlepug: Compugdium. It is expected to hit shelves in January of 2019.

Battlepug: Compugdium will collect all five volumes of Norton’s original webcomic. It will also feature sketches and art by “some of the most creative artists in the business today,” according to the press release.

Battlepug sees readers follow the story of the last Kinmundian and his faithful steed, The Battlepug. The two travel the world seeking revenge against every giant, ridiculous animal they can find.

“I can’t tell you how excited I am to be collecting the entire five volumes with my pals at Image,” said Norton. “This is the first book I ever wrote and drew myself, so it’s very special to me and I’m can’t wait to see it all together as the Compugdium for the first time!”

I’ll be honest, I’ve never heard of this webcomic before, but the premise looks like a lot of fun. What can be more fun than a Kinmudian and his trusty steed setting out to take down giant and ridiculous animals?

What do you think about Battlepug: Compugdium? Is it something you would be interested?

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