Trolls Attempt to Highjack Ethan Van Sciver’s Cyberfrog: BloodHoney With Fake KickStarter


A KickStarter campaign created by Alicdes Castillo, which has now been deleted, attempted to high jack Ethan Van Sciver’s wildly successful Cyberfrog: Bloodhoney IndieGoGo fundraiser.

The KickStarter campaign uses the same exact headline as the IndieGoGo, “Ethan Van Sciver’s CYBERFROG: BLOODHONEY Comic Book.” It also uses Ethan Van Sciver’s promotional video for the comic book. It also copies Ethan’s IndieGoGo pitch describing the Cyberfrog: Bloodhoney graphic novel. The KickStarter also uses the same perks found on the official IndieGoGO campaign link.

The campaign was able to raise $47.00 from four backers before it was canceled by the Alcides Castillo late last night.

Ethan Van Sciver found out about the scam and made sure to call it out on Twitter saying, “The SJW comics mafia created a fake duplicate of my Cyberfrog indie go go for Kickstarter. The guy they used as a front has no idea…he’s just finished a successful business campaign. These people are so creepy and soy based. Lol Whatever, we just passed $127,000! Thanks!”

In fact, at the time of this printing, Ethan Van Sciver’s Cyberfrog: Bloodhoney has raised over $129,000 from 2,223 backers. Van Sciver has also revealed a number of stretch goals for the campaign. The first stretch goal at $90,000 has already been unlocked. All backers will receive a chromium enhanced cover with their purchase of Cyberfrog: Bloodhoney #1.

The second stretch goal will most likely be unlocked today. At $130,000, the Cyberfrog 1998 Ashcan will be fully colored by Kyle Ritter.

A number of fans were extremely concerned about the scam KickStarter with a number of them suggesting Van Sciver take legal action.

Van Sciver is no stranger to these type of tactics. He’s been attacked on numerous occasions by CBR writer Kieran Schiach as well as Twitter user Tim Doyle. He’s also been the subject of a number of hit pieces from BuzzFeed and The Daily Beast. Given the current success of his IndieGoGo campaign, it doesn’t appear that Van Sciver’s detractors have succeeded in their attempts to malign the prolific comic artist.

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