With E3 here, we all know that this week is going to be full of great stuff. Trailers, screenshots, and announcements to keep us gamers on our toes. Live streams and updates will fill up our evenings.

But as with any event, there will be a fair share of social justice warrior influence poisoning the well. The latest example is the new game from the Gears of War franchise, simply titled Gears 5.

Over the course of the last four games, fans have come to know the franchise as an orgy of gore, fighting, and action. With a hint of chainsaw guns wielded by men who look like walking tanks.

But it seems that things have changed and the SJW influence has made it’s way to the planet of Sera. Check out the E3 announcement video below:

As we see via the announcement trailer there is an appeal from the studio of a more “emotional” story, as the main protagonist is changed from the bland J.D. Fenix from Gears of War 4 to his girlfriend, Kait Diaz.

Gears 5 picks up some time after the events of Gears of War 4. Kait committed matricide after she became part of a mutant hive. From what we see in the trailer, it seems that Kait now has some sort of unknown connection to the Locusts. Which is why it seems she goes off on her own journey.

This pivot from a male-centric game to a female-centric game is unexpected from what I gathered. The franchise has had a history that could be called a tad “High-T.” But it seems that internal forces within the studio decided that a “healthy” sprinkling of third-wave feminism was in order to make Gears of War great again.

With X-Box having now announced new exclusives and the expansion of other franchises, it can be expected that more of these moves will happen with other franchises.

The game doesn’t seem to offer too many new features. You see some new vehicles, bosses, creatures, some other esthetics. So now the question has to be asked: What other games will get the SJW treatment? Don’t be shocked to see the violence, gore, and action toned down, either… for the sake of “progressive values.”

But I do hope that maybe this game will be good. But, we won’t know till it’s released.

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